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Logitech C930e

Hey guys, I just got my webcam in the mail yesterday. I was wondering if you could all point me to good software to use for it. The problem is, it basically comes with a non-existent software that makes it 720p and with a horrid frame rate while having like 4 sliders for adjustments. What are some good software options to make it be full 1080 and have the full 30 fps, with some extra visual adjustments? I'm a little dissapointed that it doesn't come with better software, but I knew that beforehand when I got the business edition. I have seen a few youtube videos showing this problem, and a few that used better software and made it come out looking great, but I'm not sure what they used. 



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I'm really not sure you can change the resolution of it...


Just got OBS and it looks miles better when i set it to 1080p. The framerate issue is also fixed. Is there anyway to use this software through like hangouts for example?


Edit: it's a 1080p webcam, but logitech software scales it to 720p. I wasn't trying to force a higher output than the hardware can handle.



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