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LED control board?

I work at a tech store which also does recycling for all types of electronics. We disassembled a lot of things and got a few LEDs. The LEDs have a 2 pin connector and work on 12V since there are 4 of them in 3, if i only use 3V only one row of 3 lights up, all 4 rows of 3 light up at 12V, slowly going dimmer after 13V. So 12-13V is the sweet spot.

I have 10 of these and would love to use them all at the same time, but i can't find an LED control board at all. Most results i get is for either car lights or RGB things. I have no clue where to look for it. If anyone knows where do let me know, i'd like it to have control for all 10, but if it's less that's fine. They'll be running off of batteries so i'd be happy if i can solder some batteries to it, got quite a few at home (ofc i'd need to connect them both parallel and in series, so i can get the required 12V-ish and the capacity needed to run them), one of these uses 12v 0.06A max. I'll also need to cool the LEDs but i already have that planned out, the only missing thing is the actual LED control board/driver.


Thanks for any help!

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