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PC Suddently Doesn’t Boot, Built Today

Hello everyone! I am freaking out right now. I built a new PC today and for hours it was booting perfectly, I was able to install drivers, restart, change the lighting, and everything, before moving the PC to my desk. Once it was at my desk, I attempted to restart again, and I got stuck on the closing screen, where it said “task host window is stopping background tasks”. I looked up a fix, tried to do it, and the fix told me that after restarting I wouldn’t have the problem anymore. The message popped up again, so I hit restart anyway, and waited for the restart. The computer now will not boot, even off of a fresh install. All lights turn on, I can access bios, all the drives show up in bios. I have attempted to install windows on multiple drives. Now I get stuck on getting devices ready until it blue screens. I shouldn’t have built this pc before I was done with online classes, but I can’t go back now. 

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Did you checked if all sata cables are connected correctly? I had the exact same issue and it was because of a loose cable.

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