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PC crashed without bluescreen help please

Long story short i was playing AC valhalla on ultra settings 1080p and my game froze and the pc crashed no blue screen no nothing just crashed. i dont know whats wrong with my pc honestly ive been noticing im the only one of my friends who gets crashes. while i gaming i do experience somewhat some microstutters which i dont know why they happen to this day.


RTX 2080 super stock speeds

Ryzen 5 3600 PBO enabled runs at around 4ghz and Power plan is set to AMD ryzen high performance.

16gb ram 3733 mhz cl20 *these are the stock numbers i never oc'ed anything

Windows and game are installed on samsung 970 evo plus 250gb ssd and around 132gb left

TX650m psu 80+ gold from corsair

2TB hdd seagate (6 months old)

1TB HDD WD caviar green very old like 7-9 years old but still holding up.

120gb ssd intel 520 series (3 years old)

B450M tomahawk max latest bios is installed

Win 10 pro 20H2 activated with key (no crack and nonsense)

Only background app running was discord pretty much nothing else

Temps never exceed 70 on both the cpu and gpu while gaming

Fps is good and i think is what i would expect from a build like this i even get higher than my friends which tells me my hardware i guess is fine but maybe not stable or something?

Any help would be appreciated


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1 minute ago, boggy77 said:

should be set to balanced

ram in slots 2 and 4? xmp enabled?


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Note: i always notice that my cooler is a bit loud even though temps r good cooler is ATC800 rgb cooler

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