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GPU overheating at 45+ frames

Hey guys i'm ran into bit of a issue recently upgraded to new cpu and motherboard using old video card few years old maybe 5ish or so but was running games perfectly fine before upgrade right

what is happening is really anything i run 30fps is fine pushing 45-60 fps temps 70-90's  if it don't shut off before then but before i was pushing maybe 75c in ark at 60 fps but now like i try'd 60 fps heat jumps to 80c+ i have make sure i keep frames low other games to rianbow six seige .. path of exile ..division 2 diablo3 and more any idea what might be issue? only thing changed was new hardware jump from athlon 4core i cant' remember exsact of the processor but it's old

cpu ryzen 3200g

gpu r7 370 4ggi mod no. r7-370-p-4D if  need look it up

motherboard b450 pro4


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