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  1. ark pushing my graphic card to 90c i closed it felt 90c kinda high?
  2. Hey guys i'm ran into bit of a issue recently upgraded to new cpu and motherboard using old video card few years old maybe 5ish or so but was running games perfectly fine before upgrade right what is happening is really anything i run 30fps is fine pushing 45-60 fps temps 70-90's if it don't shut off before then but before i was pushing maybe 75c in ark at 60 fps but now like i try'd 60 fps heat jumps to 80c+ i have make sure i keep frames low other games to rianbow six seige .. path of exile ..division 2 diablo3 and more any idea what might be issue? only thing changed was new hardware
  3. i can't turn down settings on path of exile anymore then they are other then going 720p resolution and setting max fps to 30 maybe? and drivers i did run okay wiht out radeon software but didn't try poe out then yesterday i think was installed software for the card hum but hard is what 5 years old is the vaga 8 better then my card if so that cpu runs super cool
  4. this is listing i bougth it on newegg https://www.newegg.com/xfx-radeon-r7-370-r7-370p-2255/p/N82E16814150735
  5. hey guys i can't semse to figure this one out my r 7 370 gpu is hitting high temps and shutting games off pushing 85-87c even in games like path of exile and ark survival evovled but yet i can run rainbow six seige 60fps steady no overheating 70c or so model: r7-370p-4D I upgraded recently to a b450 pro4 motherboard and a ryzen 3 3200g processor almost tempted to take card out and let the gpu in processor run it runs 38c or so in my games i don't know specs on it so not sure if it's better then my onboard card or not any help in either area to help cool my card or if i should
  6. oooh okay thanks that helps alot so if the one board says ddr4 2667 i can use ddr4 2666 on it and if the mini atx board says dimms unbuffered so fourth supported i still can used the ddr4 2666 okay cool thanks that helps alot it was rather confusing see 2 boards saying supporting diffrent things
  7. okay so thous are compatible setup what about diffrence like sdram and dimm ram i have seen on some boards and buffer and unbuffer that's stuff new to me also
  8. okay so i got a question hopefully not to complicated i'm building into new parts i have a Processor: amd athlon x4 760k Video: Amd radeon R7 370 4gig motherboard something fatality 10 years old board n processor lol i am attempting to upgrade into a ryzen 3 3200G processor, motherboard is where gets confusing for me a friend has ddr4 8gig he will lend me get sence i only have about 200 dollars atm i can add video card i have into new board and the processor but ram he has is ddr4 2666 right board says on newegg supports Supports DDR4 2667 is that compatible ? https
  9. oooh this is a consumer posting not really a company posting i see! okay thanks for letting me know now i really concidering waiting for the ryzen change and see what money i can save maybe by then i can save enough for Rog stix board and ryzen processor i want and ram
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Xeon-Qc-E3-1230-Processor/dp/B004O3DFHE 400! https://www.ebay.com/itm/INTEL-XEON-PROCESSOR-E3-1230-3-20GHZ-SR00H-E-9719/283312119843?epid=2148478486&hash=item41f6b7e023:g:UZQAAOSwpwBcHO7x:rk:1:pf:0#viTabs_0 56? is that same processor or am i not seeing samething!?
  11. should i just wait for that then and you belive the price going to drop? or stay same ?
  12. hey guys what about ryzen 3 quadcore? would that still result in decent performance upgrades over vs buying the 8core at 55 dollars and ryzen i think is 88?
  13. yea exsacly i got some time to get money and make sure i get most performance for the buck basicaly if i can find right sale and hopefully not miss it
  14. the 120 is what i think i can squeeze out in next month for spare cash maybe that's like iffy 120-90 for sure kinda budget so pulling exstra 10-20 for better part could be another week or 2 if not longer wait because rl happend
  15. that is a awsome deal yea i've got 4gig video card and feels like never gets over 75c even hardest games i threw at it dont' push heat on it but my cpu 80c-85 sometimes but i build this 5-7 years ago love my motherboard with auto over clocking and stuff just hate idea of being on a 120 dollar budget to get a upgrade concidering this setup only cost me 800 in past all done threw newegg