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Started gathering parts last Black Friday. Built PC in June.

Ryzen 2700x

Gigabyte Asorus B450 Pro Wifi

32 GB Geil Ram (4x8)

MSI rx570 Gaming 8GB (used)

EVGA 650 G1

SK Hynix 1TB SSD (Boot Drive)

Intel 660p 1TB (Data Drive)

Thermaltake VG200 Case

Mushkin 1TB SSD (for Photo/Music Storage)

TeamGroup 1TB SSD (for Scratch Drives for Adobe Photoshop/Premiere)

WD 8TB for TV/Movies


Here's the problem: Computer would reboot out of nowhere. Sometimes playing a game, more often, running ffmpeg to convert files from h264 to h265. With maybe a few Firefox tabs open (sometimes with no Firefox)

1. (Sort of fixed?). Half the memory would show up in Windows as Hardware Reserved. Moved the sticks around and that seems to be okay. I thought that was my problem

2. Still does it but 3/4 of the time it doesn't reboot itself*. UNLESS I tap the Tempered Glass (not even hard, a light tap will do it) then it boots up. When I say light tap, I mean as light as you'd tap a baby's head, that light.


Any ideas?




* It will shutdown, all RGB off, then RAM RGB will come back on. No Fan RGB or spin, no Prism RGB or spin until tap.

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Clean the memory stick connectors with something abrasive , eraser from a pencil, a sheet of copier paper .. rub the contacts. Make sure all memory sticks are properly detected.


Put memtest86 on a usb stick and test your ram sticks, leave test running for at least a whole pass.

If you get errors, maybe try to lower the memory timings then test again.


Double check your connectors, the cable going into your psu, the individual wires inside the 24pin atx, the 8 pin cpu etc, make sure they make good contact inside the plug and connector, if one is loose and disconnects randomly it can cause issues.

Very rarely, the buttons on cases go bad and just some slight vibrations cause the buttons to trigger, for example the reset button randomly getting activated from typing stuff on keyboard (if pc is on desk) or touching the case.

To test this, try just disconnecting the wires for them from that front panel connector. You can start your pc by using a flatheat screwdriver or anything that can touch those two pins of the on/off switch for a second or so.


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Okay, so far I cleaned all the memory sticks/connectors (Nothing was visible there). Ran memtest86 (4 passes) - no errors.


I can't take it apart until Friday to reseat all cables and cards, but....


It basically seems to crash whenever I run ffmpeg (to convert h264 to h265). Sometimes it will do a few files then crash, sometimes it will crash in the middle of the first file.

(I'm not using the hardware encoder option in ffmpeg).

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See if there's some command line options in ffmpeg to disable AVX and AVX2, if ffmpeg uses them.  It could be the cpu becomes unstable when encoding IF the encoder uses those instruction sets. Intel processors are more power hungry when those instruction sets are used.


Also, there may be some menu options in  bios to increase the voltage when avx instruction sets are used, or to reduce cpu frequency.  Look around in the bios and/or the manual.

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I don't think it's ffmpeg any more, since I haven't used it and it still reboots.

I took out the USB dongle for keyboard/mouse and went back to wired.

When it reboots and gets to the Windows login screen, I have to unplug and replug in the keyboard for it to be usable.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, after 3 months, I think I fixed the problem. I thought it was:

1. The memory

2. The GPU

3. The USB ports

4. SATA connection to the SSDs being dropped.

But when last week I was able to restart it by tapping on the Tempered Glass, then it had to be something loose.

SO, I checked:

1. The Front Panel Connector (maybe a shorted Power or Reset wire)

2. The SATA cables to the SSDs

then, i found the problem:

The 24pin power connector. It was loose, but it never clicks in. So I reseated it and it's seems fine.

Played Avengers, MS Flight Sim 2020 and Rocket League - no problem

Ran an FFMPEG (cmd line) conversion of a season of tv show - no problem (this always restarted the system)

Everything seems good now. It was probably one pin of the 24 loose and when the CPU kicked up, the cooling fan would ramp up and be enough to jostle the loose pin.

My taping the case would re-connect it.


Well.....thanks for the replies and

Wish me Luck

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