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so I built the pc and everything was going fine intell I heard some noise coming out of the old psu (650 seasonic) and later on the gpu started making noise, The problem is prior to the psu messing up I was playing with a high frame rate without any stuttering or noise coming from the graphics card But once the psu messed up shortly after the gpu started making noise and the FPS dropped and started stuttering I was playing doom at default setting with a Constant 144 frames no drops at all Afterwards it fluctuates between 100-140 and sometimes drops to 90 Along with making noise, does all my parts go with everything? Or am I just unlucky and have a defaulty gpu, Psu(new one 600EVGA) is fine now but the gpu still makes noise when I’m playing and gives me the shit frame rates. Could it be the ram(still doesn't fix the noises)? Before I thought it was this problem so I changed it out for the corsair vengeance lpx 16gp(2x8gb) DDR4 DRAM 3200Mhz C16 desktop memory kit - black(I had the T-force before)My cpu temp are wonderful never had a problem with that, I haven't  overclocked the pc in any way. Any advise Thanks





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