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A while ago my computer started shutting down on random intervals. The event viewer shows nothing of note and I cannot find any other cause that could be responsible than the power supply unit. I have a Corsair GS700 PSU.

Also this error comes up when the computer restarts. 



Specs of the computer are in the error message. The GPU is a GTX 770 and the motherboard is a Asus Maximus V Gene.


My question is, can something be done about this error or must I replace the PSU?


Thanks for your answers :)

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26 minutes ago, RageAx said:

or must I replace the PSU?

Either your power supply is bad, or the power going into the power supply is very unstable.

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1 hour ago, Radium_Angel said:

Either your power supply is bad, or the power going into the power supply is very unstable.

You might try another power source, especially if you are sharing the wall outlet with multiple devices.

However i agree, this seems like a power supply most likely, i would replace it or swap it for testing if possible.


Also, check your power connections, reseat them all, from the power cord into the power supply, to the power cord that plugs into the board.

Disconnect and reconnect, test at another wall outlet, and if it still happens, replace the power supply.

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