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Problem on boot

Hi, recently ive been experiencing issues with my PC upon boot.


When i turn it on the PC powers on for a second or so (fans spin), turns off then proceeds to boot normally.


After this happens the PC boots into an American Megatrends screen saying "When RAID configuration was built, ensure to set SATA Configuration to RAID mode. Press f1 to run setup"


I have tried replacing the cmos battery, didnt fix it.


Also tried flashing the bios, and that also didnt fix it.


Any solutions would be highly appriciated or guidence at what the problem could be. 



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I've encountered this same problem, and started a thread of my own about it before I found this one.


Here's what I've tried, based on things I picked up on other forums:

  • Did a clean install of Windows in UEFI mode with only the M.2 drive attached; I unplugged the cables to the other drives
  • Cleared CMOS
  • Flashed BIOS to the latest version (v.1212)
  • Changed the BIOS battery (which seems to have fixed the problem for some)
  • Messed around with BIOS settings, following various, contrary bits of advice.
  • Removed and re-seated the graphics card.
  • Removed and re-seated the memory modules.

None of that has helped at all.


For now, I'm using the work-around of disabling the BIOS setting that forces the machine to wait for a response (F1) before booting, in case of an error. That's not very satisfying, as I'd like to address the underlying error . . . if there is one.

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In my case, it's always been AHCI; I've never (yet) messed around with RAID. Reading around the web, this seems to be an occasional issue with AMI motherboards, with some instances going back at least five years. Some of the things I've tried without success seem to have worked for others.

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