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MLCCs and POSCAPs on the 3080 Gigabyte Eagle OC

Hello everyone, 

I wanted to know ho many MLCCs and POSCAPs  the RTX 3080 Gigabyte Eagle OC have on the pcb, knowing that 2 MLCCs + 4 POSCAPs works better than a set of 6 POSCAPs, ASUS undertood the problem and made it 6 MLCCs. 

My question is: How many MLCCs and POSCAPs the RTX 3080 Gigabyte Eagle OC ? I couldnt find a teardown picture of that card, does anyone know please ? 

Here's a link to what i'm talking about : https://www.igorslab.de/en/what-real-what-can-be-investigative-within-the-crashes-and-instabilities-of-the-force-rtx-3080-andrtx-3090/

Thanks :) !

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35 minutes ago, huilun02 said:


Buildzoid definitely has the best explanation on the internet right now. Its a bit wordy and technical, but he nails it on the head. Nvidia wouldn't dare send him review samples lol, his reviews would be 3 hours long and he'd find every flaw possible before destroying the card.

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