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Restore Boot Loop Windows 10


I have an issue where my computer gets the "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO" error whenever I restart it. I can boot back into windows but I need to boot from a restore point every time. 

-Sometimes in the boot loop, I get sent straight to my bios and it isn't detecting my ram.

-Another note is that I just installed a new motherboard after my last one failed due to unknown reasons. All my hardware is new except for my gpu and psu, and my gpu drivers are up to date and my bios is up to date as well.

-google chrome has been crashing randomly


Update: I am now getting "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" error, "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED" error, and "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" error. Should I format my ssd and start over? I dont have much on this computer since I built it less than a month ago.

Update 2: I just launched COD BO2 and my system crashed and my display went to static like a television does, but it is booting straight into windows now. I am still crashing but it doesnt seem to be looping anymore. At least right now, this is all in a few hours of testing.


PSU: Corsair CX750m

RAM: Gskill ripjaws 8x2 3200mhz 


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@AshRiverIts a corsair cx750m, and its older, i forogt. I'll put it in the spec list.

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