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GPU turns off while the PC keeps running


I have a weird problem in my music studio. I have a rack mounted power strip with 9 outlets controlled by independent switches. My PC has an 850W NZXT psu and its running the XFX RXvega64 with intel 8700K. 


The PC on its own is very stable and I can use it for days without issues. 

However, if I turn on/off something (like my speakers, audio interface etc) on the Power Strip, immediately my GPU shuts down. There are no lights or any other indication. The rest of the PC keeps running and does NOT restart. I figured something is wrong with the power strip and its surge protector.


Here is what I have tried


1. Use a UPS between the power strip and the PC so that if the surge protector on the power strip kills power, UPS can back it up. Didn’t work.


2. A voltage stablizer between Power strip and PC to control any drops in the voltage when I turn on the speakers. Didn’t work.


the power strip is a very good branded and expensive one. So I wanted to get some advice before I spend money to replace it. Can someone please advise?

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maybe have the pc wired directly to the wall socket, or using a generic powerstrip with one or two extra things plugged in just to see if it is the problem.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure that your diagnosis is correct and your powerstrip is unfortunately the problem.

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