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Silverstone GD09 case - CPU cooling?


Hey guys,


so my TV rig is about ready (got a 7700 non-k arriving this weekend) but after staring at the new case all week (Cooler Master HAF XB Evo) I kind of want something smaller there and want to use the CM case for something else.


I really like the size of this Silverstone GD09, but before plunking down some cash for it I noticed that on the top lid there are no vent holes above the CPU area. The max CPU cooler height is 138mm and I was thinking if I delid the 7700 + liquid metal, it should run pretty cool, so something like a Noctua NH-C14S should be totally fine to cool it quietly, as well as will fit since it is only 115mm if you put the fan on the underside of the fins, 142mm on top. 

Anyway, as far as good airflow for that CPU cooler - is there any reason I would NOT want to mod the case right there? My thought was just cut a hole above the CPU cooler and affix some kind of grill from the inside - not a filter since it's just exhaust but something enough to keep small bits from falling down inside.


Also - the C14S should be totally fine for a 7700, right?






Going to try it with this grill above the CPU fan https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007EVI7MQ/


and got a dust filter to go on top just in case. Hopefully that's good enough!

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