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Razer mouse accelaration problem

Hello everyone. Does anyone know how I can check for mouse acceleration in Razer's program Synapse 3? I just got a Deathadder elite, never had a razer product before, and it just feels weird compared to my previous mouse, when I move it pretty fast (especially in game) it's like it my crosshair moves more than it should (on the same dpi level and sensitivity as with my previous mouse). I mostly play CS GO. I thought maybe it had some acceleration but I do not know how to check it in this shitty program. I saw in people's older videos on youtube with older versions of synapse that there was an option to change the mouse acceleration, lift off distance, etc. I can't find them at all in synapse 3. Does anyone know what I can do? Will installing an older version of Synapse help (although installation for synapse 3.3 started immediately after I plugged it the mouse)?
And yes enhance pointer precision is disabled in windows settings.
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