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alienware M17x

i have a Alienware M17x but im not sure if its a r1 r2 r3 or r4 so this are the specs of it and i wanted to know if i can upgrade it what is the maxium it can go and the socket type is P i wanted to upgrade the cpu to a intel 2 x9100 with 32gb ram ddr3 and 250gb ssd and a ati mobility radeon hd 5870 but i wans'210049355_screenshoot1.jpg.581717f546b4da99576fcfcf254c2642.jpg1137713523_screenshoot2.jpg.7e3439e6e81361fa413f8191bf0f5972.jpgt sure if its everything is compatible or its good if there is something better upgrade please help me out. thank you and i'm new here.

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