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Recommended Settings for OBS


TLDR: My computer can record at a very high video quality but when it comes editing the video, it struggles. I am looking for the best OBS settings (recommended frame-rate, bit-rate, etc.) for my system (specifications listed below) that will improve my editing experience without sacrificing quality.


Hello everyone,


I am looking for recommendations on what settings I should use to record in OBS (recommended frame-rate, bit-rate, etc.). Here's the situation: I am trying to record my Minecraft game play with the best settings for my system (specifications listed below) keeping in mind having to edit the footage in Adobe Premiere (on the same system). In previous (goofy) attempts, I recorded 1 hour and 40 minutes worth of video at 120 frames per second with a 240,000 bit-rate. My reasoning for this being, I wanted to be able to have flexibility in my editing if needed (for example, having unplanned high quality slow-motion edits). Another concern I have is, whenever I move my view too quickly or it starts to rain and the bit-rate is not high enough, it becomes very pixelated. It should be obvious that I do not know what I am doing and that I need advice. I am open to all tips and suggestions. Feel free to provide as much information as you would like, I would love to learn more about things I already know! :)


Thank you so much,




My PC:

Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @4.00GHz


GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB)

(also, if anyone can tell me how to properly list specifications without looking like a fool, let me know)

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