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Finding the right processor


Hello everyone.
This is the first time I'm planning to assemble a PC with relatively old components. I'm definitely no pro and I could definitely use some advice.

A friend of mine gave me an MSI H61M-E23 (G3) motherboard, requires DDR3 RAM and it is LGA1155 socketed which normally supports Sandy Bridge (2nd gen) and Ivy Bridge (3rd gen) if I'm not mistaken.
I have a PC that can provide parts temporarily for troubleshooting purposes (power supply,  PCI-E GPU and DDR3 memory).
I also have a couple HDDs lying around so I would have all the parts I need to test if everything works, except for the processor..

If everything goes right and everything works my final target processor would be an i5 3470. But i'm pretty sure I would need to perform a BIOS update because this processor isn't natively supported by the motherboard.
I don't really want to spend 50€ at a local computer maintenance shop for a BIOS update (yes, you read that correctly...).
So I thought about getting my hands on a G440 or G630  processor for that purpose, and I found some deals on eBay but they seem... too good to be true.
A G440 is listed at 10€ (international shipping included) from China "brand new" and the seller is rated at 99.4% with top reliability.
But on the other hand there is a second hand G630 also listed at 10€ (plus shipping) in France, the guy is rated 100% and claims it has been tested, works perfectly and is in good shape.

If anyone can point out where I might have done a mistake for part selection that would prevent me from doing be a lot of unnecessary expenses.
Also if someone can tell me if these are good deals, it would really help me out, if it is just powerful enough I may not even need to buy a i5 3470 for what I plan to use this PC for.
I have build a PC earlier on but only with brand new parts with a guarantee if parts are DOA, but I'm not covered this time.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can give some advice.

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You know you could perform the BIOS update yourself and get the i5 3470, the processor you wanted.

Desktop: 2014 Mac Mini 2.6ghz i5 upgraded to Samsung 850 Evo 1Tb Phone: iPhone 6+ 64gb RGB: Some random strip I got at walmart for 4 bucks :P 

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Sure, that's why I would like to buy a compatible processor before getting an i5 3470. But I just want to make sure if these two CPU are fine for the BIOS update and  if the 2 ebay offers are reliable or just too good to be legit

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