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How do I choose a case for my 4k€ build

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Hello! I've been making a pc build with the help of this wonderful forum(link to the main, original post 



), and now I would need help in choosing an apt case.

The build is, very shortly, an i9 7900x with a 1080ti, for streaming and gaming.

What I'm looking for is;

  1. FULL tower,
  2. eatx/atx compatibility,
  3. good cable managment and relative ease of installing/maintaining the build and adding/replacing pieces,
  4. dust filters all over the intake places(possibly all front/bottom/top),
  5. good air flow,
  6. a glass side panel would be nice,
  7. noise insulation or something would also be appreciated,
  8. RGB ??? I guess ??? if thats a thing since theres RGB everywhere by now but that would be like last thing I dont even wanna spend more money for it in fact discard this,

and I don't know whatever other feature should I look in a case, because thats the point; I still don't exactly know what to look for in a case beside the obvious "full tower+eatx/atx" thingy.

It doesn't matter if it doesn't have fans, even better; I can buy some good ones that will be probably better than stock ones.

My budget is pretty beefy since I can speend up to 4,000.00€ total and maybe even some more. Just... don't make me spend 500€ on a case, and if possible under/around 200€ is preferable.
Thank you in advance!

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