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€5.000 wall-mounted PC

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys!

So I am currently in the planning of my new PC which I will build somewhere around september/october this year. 

It will feature the latest "normal-priced" Intel Processor, presumably the i7 6850K and 2 of the new Pascal GPUs from NVidia whatever they will call them. Maybe it will be the GTX 1080 or Titan X Mini or whatsoever. 

I want this build to be special and custom tailored towards my needs, interests and my personality. It will be water-cooled and have a light-show Katy Perry will be jealous of.

Throughout the planning process you will be able to read about some problems I will be facing when it comes to PCIe Risers and all the other exotic stuff. 

If you are interested in following the building process you can bookmark my newly started blog https://steveswallmountedpc.wordpress.com/ 

Unlike the other wall-mounted PC builders I will be documenting every single step in the building of this project so that future extreme enthusiasts know how to do it because I have had and have many questions when it comes to certain details (more on that on the blog) and I will contact some builders about how they did it. To spare you from the enormous efforts of research I will post every single step on my blog with many many photos.


Hope you are interested and I know, this was not an advice seeking post to plan the build but soon I will continue underneath.


Keep it up


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Just now, steveroch-rs said:

GTX 1080

Nah bro totally 4K. :)

If I use words like probably or most likely, it is because I dislike certainty. These words can probably be omitted and the sentence read as a certainty.

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1 minute ago, Lilithty said:

What are you planning on spending that 5000 pound budget on? 


BTW Keep me updated on this. Seems interesting 

Euro -_-


£ is a pound

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Just now, NTF5252 said:

Nah bro totally 4K. :)

Haha well could be. But do you remember Linus' line in this video: 

"Just building something that NOONE WILL EVER BUY"? 

Well I am not quite sure about the type of monitor setup I want to use later and at the time I am done with PC itself I can certainly not afford buying 3 $800 displays unless they drop to $500 by that time which I really hope. I think I'll just add 1 of them (or the successor) to my existing 29" UW monitor and the other 2 a year or a few months later. :)


And depending on the power of the 1080 I'll either get 2 at once or just start with 1 and leave some place for a second later. 



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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, Lilithty said:

ohhhhhhh sorry. just realized that XD. 


Still a kick ass computer. 

Hey thank you for the interest :) I'll keep you updated.

I am located in Bavaria, therefore the € and I'm a bit lazy to always calculate the prices in $ :D 

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I would say 2560 x 1440 or 2560 x 1600 would be really nice.


You get that nice resolution. And can still be able to drive games at awesome fps. I cant predict how pascal or figi cards will perform. But it should be awesome. 


And no problem. I just derped and thought it was in pounds. 




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Posted · Original PosterOP
18 minutes ago, stijnweijters said:

at least go with like 6 or 9 curved monitors :P haha jk. 

Haha before I'll do that I will buy and Oculus :D 

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@Godlygamer23  Please move to Build Logs

He who asks is stupid for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains stupid. -Chinese proverb. 

Those who know much are aware that they know little. - Slick roasting me



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