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Corsair or Thermaltake PSU

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According to the PSU tier list (in my signature) they're both very good, so the question is really about price and features. The corsair is significantly cheaper, so the question is: do you want to spend the extra for the RGB and the extra 100W of power delivery.


Keep in mind that unless you have dual high-end GPUs, your system will come nowhere close to needing 650W+


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If I'm wrong, please point it out. I'm always learning & I won't bite.


Motherboard Tier LIst

PC Troubleshooting

You don't need a big PSU

PSU Tier List



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eh, go with the RM unit. 173 dollars for a unit such as the thermaltake iRGB plus is excessive, to say the least, as you can get a multi-rail HX unit at around the same price, which is, obviously, on another level.

It is but human, to err, to buy a PSU, akin to dirt,

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