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1700, 2700, 3700x, 3900x now what... advice please

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a 3 PC household.


PC 1: Living room unit is a R7 2700/B450 Tomahawk/GTX1070ti/32gb 3200 rig. It does some light gaming, but since we cut the cord it's main job is to supply the TV. Overkill I know, but it's made from upgraded parts primarily.


PC 2: Is my main game rig. This thing is where I allow myself to spend money that don't make sense. I enjoy flight sims and have a lot of stupidly expensive peripherals. You get the point. It's a R9 3900x/Gigabyte's top x470/RTX 2080/32gb 3200 cl 14/ 1440 @ 14hz.


PC 3: This is the workhorse. It's on 24/7. My wife has a small business (REALLY SMALL). She makes some short promo videos to help her sell her paintings etc. She is learning more about this kind of stuff so more power here is in the future I think. It's a R7 1700/B350 Bazooka/GTX 1660 Super/ 16gb 3200.


I freely admit that none of this was well thought out ahead of time. It was put together when needed as funds were available lol.


I also have a 3700x that my son in law bought us for Christmas (still in the box). The plan was to put it in PC 3, but there is still only a beta bios for that board and I'm not sure...


I would really like some advice on how to straighten this out into a reasonable upgrade path for all this stuff.


-My concerns:

 -PC 2 is hurting for more GPU, but still doing 80-120 fps in DCS and IL-2 BoX

 -PC 3, My wife is out growing this thing and starting to ask questions about PC 2 and I need to nip that in the...

 -PC 1, What do I keep from the others, what do I ebay?


Note: all PC's have EVGA Gold pwr supplies- 550 to 750W.


I have about $500 in the 2020 budget. I was thinking of a B550 and put that 3700x on it, sell the 1700 and B350 Bazooka while they are still worth something.


I am not one for watching hours of utube to figure this stulff out and i'm sure I've wasted money because of it.


Any help and advise for what is a really small issue considering other issues in the world would be appreciated.

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Yea I wouldn't put the 3700X in the Bazooka. 

Maybe upgrade the 2700 to the 3700. (both I guess are overkill.) I have a 2700X HTPC/gamer set up in the living room also. :)


Or maybe like you said a B550 and upgrade the wife? Or another B450 and 2700 for the wife, ditch the B350 for sale. Put the 3700 in the HTPC. Yea, that's where I'd go with it I think. 


Dunno lol. You have quite a bit of flexibility with 500 cash in hand and a 3700X to play with :D


Lid-less PGA 2700x / ROG B450-I Gaming / Corsair 3000mhz SK Hynix / RTX 2060 / EVGA 750w

Lid-less 8700K / Maximus X Hero / G.Skill 4266mhz B-Die / RTX 2060 / Antec 1000w CP series

Ryzen Athlon 220ge with Vega Graphics / Asus Prime B450M-A / Corsair LED 3000mhz / 550w Antec Office PC.

DFI LanParty UT / Opteron 148 / DDR Corsair XMS Expert / X1800 XT 256MB Bios modded

Asus CrossHair Formula IV / Phenom II x4 B97 / Dominator GT 2000mhz. / EVGA GTX 770

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