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Old Hardrives - New PC

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone,


So currently working upgrading my PC with a new motherboard and CPU and I'm mostly concerned with using the hard drives from the old machine.

Since I'm switching over from an Intel based machine to AMD i figured it would be best to simply wipe my SSD and start a fresh install of windows and all the apps i had installed on it.

My concern comes in when i try to connect the other 3 storage hard drives i currently have connected to the machine. I want to make sure that the data will be recognized by the new install of window and it wont require me to reformat the drives and thus wipe the data on them.


I also checked and I've formatted them as NTFS and according to my very limited knowledge I won't be able to open them with a OSX machine?? My thought here was to turn off the old machine, swap in the new parts and get windows installed. Move most of the data to two of the three hard drives and plug that into my mac laptop with a USB enclosure i have. If it did see the data, in theory i would try to connect the remaining hard drive to the new machine and start transferring over the network. That is if windows were not to able see the data and if my laptop could in fact read NTFS drives.


Either way, once i finish copying data from one of the drives to the other two, I will try connecting the hard drive with the enclosure to my macbook to check.


Guess my question is if anyone has done this? Most the information I found was about moving over boot drives instead of storage drives.

Let me know if you need more info


Thanks in advance.

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They will work perfectly fine between computers, unless you had raid enabled it should work perfectly fine. External drives work fine between systems and so do hard drives

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Okay cool, I didn't have them in any raid array. Just to clarify, they are all internal sata drives. The usb enclosure is just in case.

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I swapped one HDD from one pc to another different one. It was not in RAID or anything and the new PC detect that HDD without touching any settings.
I did power-off both of the systems before doing that though. It should be fine, I guess.

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