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Nvidia control panel.

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Hello, i don't know if this is the right category because it has to do with control panel.

I resetted my pc, installed some games. After a few days i installed geforce experience with nvidia control panel. I noticed the games looked worse. Its now been like 3 days, and i dont know what is causing it, if there is some setting in the control panel doing it. So its kind of hard telling the difference from before, but it is annoying. It is really hard to explain. What is changed is that when a color change, and just instantly go from bright red to dark red there is like an outline, or it feels like it. So for example, a buttion that is blue, but with darker blue dots, instead of them being there and you barely see them, they just stick out. It's like a feature i have on my monitor, it creates black outlines on everything, but it just look awful on some games. It's like the thing on my monitor, but not as noticeable.

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