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Undevolt and Underclock Case

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Folks

Recently I have this context when in my country and region the price for electric power it's quite high caused by the recent pandemic that alarms everyone
anyway for that reason I wanna know if there is a way to undervolt my existing PC to the absolute max possible something like turning my i7 to an i5 (Intel based)
I'm not looking for the top performance(just the enough to play games at 1080p or 1080p Video editing)

My Complete System(System 1)


GPU:EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
CPU:Intel Core i7-8700K (6 Cores,12  threads [3.7 GHz up to 4.7GHz Turbo Boost single core 4.3GHz All logic cores])
MOBO:ASUS MAximus Hero X (Wi-Fi AC)
RAM:G.Skill Trindet Z RGB 32GB(4x8) 3200MHz (XMP)
Case:NZXT Noctis 450 Republic of Gamers Edition
    3 front intakes fan
    1 ext fan
    2 RGB Strips
Cooling:NZXT Kraken x52

PSU: Cooler Master v850 - 850W (80+Gold Certification)
    Samsung 960  evo 1TB N.V.M.E port
    WDGreen SSD 240GB SATA port



1080p Avg build
(System 2)

CPU: Intel Core i5-9600(6 Cores,6  threads [3.1 GHz up to 4.6GHz Turbo Boost single])
16GB RAM 2400MHz Dual channel
Nvidia RTX 2060(I don't care about ray tracing tho)


So in other words I wonder if System 1 can be underclocked and undervolted to operate at the power consumption and performance as the System 2
if so, where should I look up?, I've some experience overclocking and undervolting CPUS but I never try something that hardcore like disabling HT for the sake of energy(if
actually have an impact on power consumption)


Power Consumption Target: 100-150W


Question that arrives in my mind: 
RGB things have a measurable energy count in power consumption?
    if so
        I tried before disabling all the RGB Stuff on my system but for some reason the memory and the AIO don't keep the setting after a power loss or a couple of reboots
        aswell as the light in the "GeForce GTX Strip" (all this things i set all of this in a manufactured software like NZXT CAM)


Thanks for the time an effort

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I run my 8700K at 3.7ghz @ 1 volt.  Probably could do a tad less.....  Runs super cool and efficient. 


Lid-less PGA 2700x / ROG B450-I Gaming / Corsair 3000mhz SK Hynix / RTX 2060 / EVGA 750w

Lid-less 8700K / Maximus X Hero / G.Skill 4266mhz B-Die / RTX 2060 / Antec 1000w CP series

Ryzen Athlon 220ge with Vega Graphics / Asus Prime B450M-A / Corsair LED 3000mhz / 550w Antec Office PC.

DFI LanParty UT / Opteron 148 / DDR Corsair XMS Expert / X1800 XT 256MB Bios modded

Asus CrossHair Formula IV / Phenom II x4 B97 / Dominator GT 2000mhz. / EVGA GTX 770

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