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Logitech G933: High Pitch whine/noise only when set to 48Khz?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I currently use a different pair of headphones, but wanted to see if I could reuse my G933's for casual listening while I'm stuck working from home.
I use Logitech's G Hub app, and it automatically installed the drivers on my PC (did not have any of the G933 drivers on this PC before, nor had the G933 even plugged into this PC).

I noticed however that if I set the Default Format (System Sounds -> Playback -> G933 headset -> Properties -> Advanced) to "16bit 48000Hz (DVD Quality)", there is a constant high-pitched noise akin to coil whine from the headset.

The noise only appears when sound is played on the G933, but it is extremely loud and, at higher volumes, completely unbearable to use.

I looked up if anyone had similar issues, and one solution was to change the format to anything else, then set it back to 48Khz. This didn't work, but what I did notice is that the moment I switched to 44.1KHz, the sound went away.

Anyone know why this would be happening, or if I can fix it? I feel like when I last used the G933, the 48KHz option had decently higher sound quality than the 44.1KHz option, otherwise I guess I can just live with this lower setting.


Desktop Name: Goliath


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