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LED: Can't output fixed orange using RGB convertor

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone,

before I start a view words: I'm a long LTT fan and in this forum for a while already, but this is my first post. I'm glad for every tip you can give me!

Please excuse me, if i chose the wrong subforum or this topic was already discussed, I couldn't find anything in my quick research. Now to my problem:


I built a new system based on a MSI B450 Tomahawk Max.


My case is a orange bequiet! Pure Base 600 with a tempered glass window. I want to set all LEDs to a deep orange that matches the color theme of the case.

This was no problem with my HyperX Predator RGB RAM, which is set to the default orange value in Mystic Light (255/30/0).


Due to the Tomahawk Max only having 12V RGB connectors, I connected my CPU cooler (Enermax Aquafusion) and my LED strips through a RGB convertor (GamerStorm/Deepcool 5V to 12V RGB transfer hub) with the motherboard.
This of course limits the capabilities of the 5V RGBs, but my goal is to set the LEDs to a fixed color, no effects whatsoever, so this didn't bother me.


Here's the issue:

With the convertor in between, when I set the LED color to fixed (no effect), default orange gives me a slithly greenish yellow. I also couldn't find a nice deep orange using the color wheel or by typing in various shades of orange via RGB code. All I got was either red or yellow, there seems to be no middle ground, even when raising/lowering a single value by 1 it would change from yellow to red or vice versa.

BUT here ist the thing: When I set the MB LED output to a breathing effect and choose the default orange in Mystich Lights, the strips and the AIO are clearly able to produce a nice deep orange, when the effect is supposed to be at it's peak, but are showing a deep green or a greenish yellow when the effect is supposed to fade in/out.


Any tips on how to find the RGB code that ist used in the breathing effect for orange when at its peak other than typing in every possible variation of RGB codes for orange?


Thanks in advance for every tip, idea etc.!








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