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TP-Link Router not Port Forwarding

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

So I just upgraded my Home router to a TP-Link Archer A7(AC1750). My previous routers were giving me weird performance and reliability issues like randomly slow speeds and random disconnects. The new TP-Link is fast and is giving me no issues.

My current Setup is now Verizon FiOS ONT Box -> COAX -> Verizon Quantum Gateway -> DMZ -> TP-Link router

In the future I plan to run Ethernet from the ONT box directly to the TP-Link, but for now I'm stuck with the COAX and Verizon Router.

My issue is that the TP-Link won't forward ports properly. At first I thought it was the Verizon router getting in the way somehow, but my tests show that it's properly sending everything through the DMZ to the TP-Link. It's the TP-Link itself that's not pushing the ports through. I double checked my settings and I've properly listed the ports and internal IPs in the "NAT Forwarding" -> "Virtual Servers" menu, so I can't figure out why they aren't going through.

What's extra weird is that UPNP Port Forwards are working fine. So as long as a device/app requests for a port forward itself the router properly lets it through.

Any Ideas?

EDIT: And of course it starts working out of nowhere. I give. Time to call it a day.

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