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Fullscreen Issue when running some games

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As the title suggests, I'm having an issue running some games in full screen. The monitor will just power off and on repeatedly every 5 seconds or so (the standby light will change from blue to orange and back too). Pressing Alt + Enter to switch the game to windowed mode gets rid of it but starts again as soon as I switch back to full screen. 


Some info:

It's a 4k g-sync monitor 60Hz (the Acer XB281HK)

I have G-sync on and "enabled for windowed and full screen mode"

I have V-sync turned off in games but turned on in Nvidia control panel (I was told on a reddit page somewhere that was optimal)

I've made sure power management is set to maximum performance.

Nvidia drivers are up to date as well as windows and other drivers


The only games that seem to be effected are Black Ops 4 and Elder Scrolls Online. BO4 was a week or two ago and now ESO. I fixed it with BO4 by turning V-sync off in the control panel as well as in the game. That doesn't work for ESO. 

I've been playing ESO a ton with these settings before with no issue, just suddenly started today.


Thanks for reading and for any suggestions :) 





Intel i7 8700k (OC to 4.8 Ghz)

Gigabyte RTX 2080

Asus Maximus X Hero

32 Gb Memory (corsair vengence ddr4 3200 Mhz)

Samsung 960 Evo M.2 (500 Gb)

NZXT Kraken X62

2 x 1Tb HDDs

1 x 6Tb External Seagate HDD

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