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Fan speed control and temp sensor readings

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So, a little back story on what I am looking to accomplish. I have an MSI z170 mobo. My CPU is cooled with an AIO & my GPU is a corsair product, which is an MSI card with there own AIO cooler and heat sink installed on the video card (it’s a 980ti). My issue is the pump on the video card AIO is ran off of the fan header on the card, and so the radiator fan is connected to my system 1 fan header. What happens is, the temp readings in the case remain fine and don’t ramp up the fan cooling the radiator, the fluid gets saturated with heat and then my GPU hits thermal throttling. My current solution is I installed MSI afterburner to monitor my GPU temp and MSI command center to manually override the fan speed for that fan. I keep the windows up in my 2nd monitor when I am playing games and I will manually modify the fan speed to maintain my GPU at a decent temp. I am wondering if there is a way I can have that system fan 1 header control biased on GPU temp instead of case ambient or CPU core temp.

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