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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

I'm following this video above to connect my Raspberry Pi to my ExtHDD. 
In the video, he explains that we'll need the drive mount point to give it permissions to be accessed in Nextcloud.

He can see the "mount point" on the OMV control panel > File Systems (1st attached photo)

But I cannot (2nd attached photo). 

I'm sure the mount point for my ExtHDD is /srv/dev-by-label-VIP, but nothing works when I put that path into Nextcloud's external drive app. 

Is there a terminal command I can use to see exactly where the actual mount point is? 

I've searched all over forums and can't seem to find how I can find it. I've mounted the drive, but the mount point isn't displayed for me on the OMV control panel.


If the mount point column doesn't show for you, click the "mounted" bar and select "columns". 
From there, you can select to show the "mount point" column

Sometimes I surprise myself with how I can ask a question but immediately get the answer by simply looking around :/ 

Control Panel SS.PNG

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The answer to my question came too quickly before I had help

Aspiring IT technician... The AF is getting in the way. Poet and PC enthusiast (of a lower caliber, so-to say) :)


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