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Planning to make a pretty big trip of it. Need some help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So me and a friend are planning on getting the full VIP tickets, staying in Vancouver for a few days and enjoying the event and more. We're flying over from the UK.

The first question I have is do we have any details on the special tickets? Whats included, price, times and dates for special events etc.

The second big question is, we'd like to do the BYOC lan party, but obviously bringing whole gaming systems on a cheap flight from London isn't very practical. Is there any chance that, with the VIP tickets, we get to borrow a system to use at the event? It could make for a special VIP ticket exclusive, you get to build a system to use at the event.

finally any recommendations on hotels etc are welcome, never been to NA before so it's all a pretty new.

I ilke trains.

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