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  1. So, I'm going off to uni in a couple of weeks and due to the fact I have been using a Blackberry Curve for just over a year as my daily driver, I need a new phone. Budget is pretty flexible, but how much it costs will affect how much i can drink for the next month or so... I'm interested in the Nexus line as they are the first to get software updates and are normally reasonably priced, but should i pull the trigger now and buy the 5x, drink less and buy the 6p, or wait and hope that the price for the Nexus Sailfish (The replacement for the 5x) is low enough when it comes out? (It looks like it won't be). I am open to suggestions of different phones up to around 6p size as this is about the largest I feel I can go.
  2. All I need now is 100" of wall to put this on...
  3. The 9590 is very hot, as it has TDP of 220W, so a new cooler would probably be needed as well. Personally I would wait and upgrade later.
  4. I personally have a WD my book live which functions as a backup device as well as a personal cloud, so you can access your files from anywhere in the world, free of charge. I think this has been discontinued, but there is now a My Cloud, which I think does the same thing. You simply plug it into power and an ethernet port and then set it up from a PC. There is an app for both ios and android that can be used to access the files.
  5. Well if it works, that will be great. All we have to do is wait...
  6. If your router/access point has a USB port on the back, you can plug the external drive in to there for it to function exactly like a NAS does, and means that your PC won't have to be on for you to access the files. EDIT: not sure about how it would work with mobile though
  7. This website is very useful for comparing the DPI of different sizes and resolutions of displays
  8. This is a good comparison
  9. Both, as the speaker pushes air out the grille when going outwards and pushes air out of the hole (if it is what I think it is) when it goes in.
  10. IMO 27" is too big for 1080p at a normal viewing distance ~75cm but consequently you wont be able to see the individual pixels on a 24" 4k but I think it would be the smallest I would go. I use a 24" 1920 x 1200 and it is perfect for me, but 27" at 1440p works just as well. 4k doesn't really have an upper bound for size though. Just my opinion though
  11. Top end of your budget but a really good deal: here Screen is well over 1080p EDIT: £20 cheaper in white
  12. Both the logitech G602 and the G700s are wireless, they are both pretty good options [edit] The Logitech tend to have a much longer battery life that the others but lose some customisability as well as are a lower price
  13. Are the display cables all plugged into the right place, ie. into the video card and not the motherboard?