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  1. Is HWinfo the same as HWinfo64 or are they two completely different programs?
  2. Hi! I have a 3600x and would like to check my processors temps but don't know which program to use. There are so many options like ryzen master, hwmonitor, hwinfo, hwinfo64, aida64 and so on. Would like to use the most accurate and reliable software. Would love to hear some recommendations
  3. nvm... i'm stupid. i chose PC 1080p in the resolution window in nvidia control panel right when i posted the thread and it showed up.
  4. Hi! So i just bought myself a 165hz monitor from ASUS (Asus VG258QR) In the osd menu it says it's 1080p at 60hz and in nvidia control panel i can only choose between 60hz, 59hz and 50hz. So what should i do to fix this?
  5. Hi! Do i have to change anything in bios or windows whenever i want to replace ram (like redownload windows?). Is it really seamless?
  6. I was thinking of overclocking it down the line but how much is the improvement in performance normally?
  7. Hi! So i bought a 3600x for my recent pc build and i mainly like it (nice upgrade from my i5 4690k). But with the new intel cpus on the near horizon i feel "regret" for some reason. Gaming is the main thing i do (also music production and some light video editing). Was my purchase worth it? Should i return it and wait for the new intel cpu? I'm generally split because i like my current cpu but knowing that the new intel cpu will be better (might be much better) in gaming which is my main shtick kinda makes me regretful. What do you guys think? are the new intel cpus
  8. one cpu fan header at the top corner and one normal fan header down somewhere. So you would recommend pwm fans? i never really understood the fan name schemes so i don't really know what they do or mean. Only get fans based off what people recommend.
  9. Yup, mine is a noctua one. Anyway thanks for the info fellow gimp user(?).
  10. Will i be able to control the fans? and see them in bios?
  11. Hi! So my mini itx mobo only has 1 fan header. Right now i have one connected to the mobo and the other plugged in to the psu. It's kind of a weird setup in my opinion. I would like to control both of the fans somehow. Is there a way to connect all of them by any means? I saw some fan controller from phanteks, thermaltake and corsair. Will they work well?
  12. I've placed it in the second nvme slot and the same problem occured. I'm gonna update the bios and try then. If it still shows up then i think i'm gonna RMA it.
  13. Ok so, yesterday i built a new pc, everything shows up in bios. the ssd fans, gpu cpu everything. I plug the Windows usb into the pc to install windows. When i'm asked to choose a storage device to download windows on it shows an unalocated drive/device with 0mb. I can't do anything with that, so i go back to bios and the ssd is gone like it wasn't connected. It's like the nvme ssd disconnects from the motherboard or something whenever i use a different boot device. (it shows up again in bios after another reboot). I thought of maybe downloading storage drivers or even moving it to a different