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  1. Maxwell masterrace reporting. A 30 series card would be amazing of course, but as @derpkotacasperalluded to, you don't need the latest and greatest hardware to get the most out of your games, unless of course you're pushing something like Flight Simulator at 4K or something high end. And if that's the case disregard what I'm saying. But for the vast majority of games, playable framerates and decent graphics are achievable with older hardware. I mean my GPU is nearly six years old, three whole generations behind what's current, and I rock most of my games at 144Hz and 1440p. And sin
  2. Another update. Dell sent a brand new monitor with the exact same issue (I guessed as much). I was set on returning all of them but honestly, after looking around the market for something else (amid a silicon shortage), I decided to just deal with it. Maybe some magic firmware update will solve it but for now, I guess I can manage; they're great monitors otherwise and a 32", 1440p curved monitor with high refresh rates are extremely hard to come by for what I paid. Maybe someone will stumble across this thread with an idea, but otherwise I'll let it die. Thanks to all who responded
  3. Another update. Spoke to Dell and they of course had no idea what was going on; they kept insisting it had to be my GPU despite the fact that it worked just fine with my previous monitors. But they're sending me another brand new one to try. If that one fails I guess I'm going to just return both of them because clearly something is wrong with this specific model.
  4. Give us some idea of what you want to do with the computer. Are you a gamer? Creator? Just gonna browse the Internet? What's your usage like? What's most important to you? Do you already own a monitor, or are you looking for one? Peripherals? More info please.
  5. I thought I would despise not having a jack on my phone, but honestly I found out I use it far less than I thought I did. And when I did use it, the dongle is not the big deal I thought it was going to be. Don't misunderstand, I still don't like how manufacturers got rid of the jack and wish they'd keep it, but in real world scenarios (for me at least) it hasn't impacted my daily life at all. I can understand audiophiles and their frustration, but for me its impact has been minimal.
  6. That indeed may be true, I saw the video too. But I have no idea whether both DPs on the monitors, the cables or the GPU/computer itself are to blame. I suppose if nothing else comes from this thread I'll have to investigate with Dell though I'm saving that as a last resort.
  7. Update @HelpfulTechWizard @TheCoder2019 I tried your suggestions but they did not work, though I appreciate the ideas. I borrowed an HDMI cable and used it instead of DisplayPort and the POST screen shows up just fine. If I plug the DisplayPort in along side the HDMI, the monitor auto switches to DP and I lose signal even if I'm currently on the BIOS screen! So temporarily, if I need BIOS I can just switch the monitor to HDMI, do what I need to do and switch back but that is terribly inconvenient. Also, now that I'm in Windows the display settings are showing a 3rd
  8. What do you mean by this? My monitor has HDMI and DisplayPort but I'm only using the DisplayPort. I will attempt that tomorrow after work. Now that is something I hadn't thought of, I'll also give that a shot tomorrow when I'm home.
  9. I'll be as quick and straight forward as I can. I recently purchased a pair of Dell S3220DGF monitors, manufactured January 2021. The primary is using a VESA certified cable bought from Amazon and the secondary is using the bundled cable, both DisplayPort. Upon startup neither monitor will show anything except 'No Signal' until I get to the login screen for Windows 10. After that they work like a dream. This may be problematic in the future because it is preventing me from accessing the BIOS, so I wanna nip it in the butt now. The settings are factory set and I haven't made any cha
  10. Same, got a nearly 10 year old Vizio that's been left on its factory settings for the entire time, haven't notice any degradation or reduction in picture quality. It doesn't have auto brightness like yours, but whatever setting it was out of the box hasn't changed. I'm honestly curious how long it can go before pixels start going out or the backlight starts failing.
  11. I might take some flak for this, but one overrated component could be the GPU. Hear me out. There's a shortage now right? A lot of people are scrambling to get their hands on the newest stuff but most of them likely don't even need to upgrade, but feel like they have to because GPUs are in short supply. There might be a word for that, where people are convinced they need something just because it's in short supply, but I see that in my social circle happening right now. Will there be gains to be made from upgrading? Probably. But is another ten or twenty frames really worth the cost of a graph
  12. I feel like those are massively conflicting statements
  13. Gaming on a battery isn't going to yield you much time, two hours is actually not half bad honestly, especially if you're looking for decent framerates and graphical settings. But if the Alienware was too big, have you considered something like a Razer Blade 15? I got the 2020 version and it's been pretty solid all around, and I can squeeze about an hour and half to two hours out of a single charge doing FPSs. And general browsing and usage yields around four hours. It won't blow your socks off but it's damn good at just about every game I own so there's that.
  14. @Oshino Shinobu @Mihle Well fuck me it was in the sticky...I skimmed it and must have missed it. Thanks guys.