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  1. With more radiator surface area, you can run the fans much slower and get the same temperatures. With good static pressure fans you could run them very slow considering the radiators are slim and therefore there is less resistance. I would grab two slimline 280mm radiators with Noctua Fans. You would get amazing temperatures I would think and with fans that quiet, you could crank them up for good airflow over the motherboard and such. If you choose a 30mm radiator, I would not go for Push/Pull as there will be little improvement. Good Luck
  2. How about I cross this bridge when I come to it. I'll let you know, not sure how.
  3. Thermaltake Urban Series Cases look very nice. Although I hear about quite a few issues with the hinges breaking. Even their samples at CES had their doors fall off
  4. Yeah, it's the only game I dip below 60 fps on full Ultra. I hope the full release (due any day) includes a little optimisation. Pie in the Sky thinking, I know.
  5. I run a single Samsung 840EVO as my boot drive, with 2 Western Digital Red Drives in Software Raid 0. This means I can pull the configuration apart and swap between machines if necessary for quick and easy transfers. Window's disk management utility makes this easy. I run this set-up so that my personal files are safe but I also get lightning fast boot times and performance from my SSD, all at a reasonable cost. Twitter share with Twitter handle @rhoscrazy: https://twitter.com/rhoscrazy/status/375645329942523904
  6. @JoshFractal He is the red-headed hero of our time.
  7. Go for the 840 EVOs, you won't regret it. And not much more expensive.
  8. I meant.... Nerd Porn.
  9. This is simply gorgeous. If they had decided to do one.
  10. Dude, post some sort of warning before displaying a high resolution picture of that motherboard. I should send you a bill for a new keyboard all the keys are thoroughly stuck now.
  11. @Volbet Out of interest, what is your personal preference?
  12. Hello, am currently awaiting delivery of a 4770k. I want to overclock it a little, nothing crazy might try for 4.5 slowly but I shall see how it goes. I have heard Linus and other hardware personalities are not recommending Prime95 for testing Haswell Chips. My Question is what should I use?