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  1. source: Toshiba had an offer from a consortium composed of japanese investors and a US private equity firm, Bain Capital - the sum is rumored to be around 18bil USD but Western Digital meddling in the transaction has thrown a rock in the dealing and Toshiba missed the deadline Western Digital who runs a joint venture with Toshiba's memory plant claims that Toshiba is breaching the joint venture contract and actively seeks a US court injunction to prevent the sale Western Digital wants the plant for themselves and issued a bit, Toshiba turned them down claiming they pose an anti-trust issue and the bid being too low furthermore, Toshiba is said to terminate all access for Western Digital's employees to all the systems in fear that they will continue to interfere one other problem seems to be that Bain Capital is doing business with SK Hynix and some Toshiba's board members and Western Digital are not keen to sell their secretes Western Digital is said to take further legal action of SK Hynix participates in the sale
  2. the only wrong thing I see is the grime and slime on the monitor - clean that shit up
  3. so ... MicroSoft is creating its own BotNet
  4. source: liked Lexar products a lot still have one of their own 2GB USB thumb drive, it's so old that it holds together with SuperGlue - but still works and still fast enough that allows me to deploy linux distros --- Lexar started as the memory division of Cirrus Logic, later broke off it's parent company in 1996 in 2006 Micron acquired the company and merges it with it's other brand name, Micron
  5. you should buy mid range video card(s) so your finished game would be optimized enough to run on those cards why would game devs need 1000$ cards?
  6. what business does an aircraft carrier being connected to the internet - specifically its core systems
  7. why should I even be surprised by this!? I've been telling people AMD's PR is a bunch o shitheads, no one believed .. voila ever since ReadTeam+ was a thing, people should've raised the flag
  8. if they still sell 60GB SSDs doesn't mean you should buy it the problem with SSDs is that the SSD needs free space for SSD to operate in normal conditions, otherwise you will introduce early wearing of the SSD's cells
  9. that's not how it works NSA spies on everyone nut just those suspected of terrorism and the real problem isn't you know they're spying on random people, but how do they secure they data gathered - because it's already known they don't secure it very well or at all
  10. the ME issues and these HT discovered aren't similar ps: Haswells aren't affected
  11. intel has issued microcode updates, but it's unclear if mobo manufacturers actually deployed them into BIOS updates
  12. if the launch is still in 2017, I would wait - you waited that long if you can't/won't, 7700K is still a very good buy
  13. sure .. how many game development companies take loans and put everything as collateral ?!
  14. should ?! how hard is it to google Start Citizen, Foundry 42 or Cloud Imperium ? literally the 1st result of googling Foundry 42 gets you to Cloud Imperium Games so it the news is about NAND, everyone reading it should know exactly what NAND is?!
  15. mate ... if you do not know who Cloud Emporium, Star Citizen is that doesn't mean this isn't news who Foundry 42 is, is explained directly into the title