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  1. yeah .. sure whatever makes you feel safe
  2. oh, so it's ok they pushed adware on people's PCs without any notice ok then, glad we settled that
  3. nVidia gives you this option, AMD did not; also, AMD didn't inform anywhere that the drivers will include a promotional link how hard is it to check for driver updates manually? - that's what adware is yes, see above ^
  4. how the fuck is it less dickish than GFE? did AMD gave the option to not add the shortcut on the desktop? they did not! and that's where the problem lies and that's why AMD's own fanboys went up in flames you simply can chose not to install GFE
  5. installing GFE is optional logging into GFE is optional telemetry can be blocked from within a firewall, even Windows' integrated one what AMD did was not optional if nVidia does something anti-consumer when did it became OK for AMD to do it too?
  6. afaik, only the mezzanine connector ones
  7. proper Titan backplate no GeForce GTX written on the side @NumLock21 compute cards have no need for SLI fingers
  8. that's not the last one, this is: http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2018&page=1 and it was quite good, I own one
  9. I don't recall if they ever made 4GB DDR2 modules, so you're stuck in using 4x2GB DDR2 are quite picky when mixing and matching, get the same speeds and timings; if possible get the exact same modules you already have installed
  10. most routers only have 4 LAN ports, 5 if it can operate in AP mode
  11. those look like BeQuiet fans
  12. none exist, as far as I'm aware - I think there are couple of headsets that can do it as Dolby 7.1, Atmos won't get much attraction in the PC market and I doubt we'll see dedicated HW Atmos decoders on sound cards anytime soon
  13. 840EVO has serious issues with cell voltage drift - avoid it at all costs