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  1. I'm curious as to how good my setup is, just out of pure curiosity I bought some Grado SR80Es yesterday, and have been running them off my Marantz PM6006 amplifier, with the digital source being my Fiio E10k, using its digital coax output. I use foobar2000 for uncompressed files, using CDs ripped using EAC, and Spotify Premium running at the 320kbps setting
  2. Edit - even stupid sounding methods like having the 4 pin header go to a weird fan controller doodad are accepted
  3. Hi all, I recently swapped out the fans of my XFX R9 380 as the old ones just didnt spin at all, so i got some new ones, installed them and they span!...... very fast. Even if i put the fan at manual mode at 0RPM in the Radeon software, the lowest i've seen it is 1940RPMish, and this is because i have just realised that the GPU fans are 3 pin, even though the header is a 4 pin. So, is there a way of controlling the voltage going to the 3 pin fans on my new GPU fans? thank you
  4. If anyone like garage rock, listen to this album, it's fantastic
  5. They're illegal if you don't own the original games, and if you do have the game but download the ROM for it then it's sort of a grey area. Making the ROM yourself in most places is perfectly fine. That Quadro isn't amazing for gaming if you're looking to play demanding modern games at high settings https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-Quadro-M620-GPU-Benchmarks-and-Specs.213796.0.html
  6. my main PC is just called my main PC or desk PC, and my TV PC is called the TV PC I'm not overly into naming things
  7. you guys still have the discord?
  8. This album is fantastic, Kanye's verse is absolutely fucking amazing, makes me even more hyped for friday!
  9. You heard the new Jon Hopkins album? The first half is fantastic, second half falls off slightly but it's still a pretty good album
  10. I'd ask over at the New Builds and Planning section, remember to look at the sticky post before posting
  11. I'm personally quite behind on hardware at the moment, so I'm not the person to ask I'm afraid! What's your budget?
  12. I personally think that PC gaming is massively better than console gaming not because "wow the graphics look marginally better" (dont kill me i just dont give a shit about graphics), but beacuse of framerates, customisability, the fact it's a normal PC and has all of that functionality and backwards compatability, so I think it's worth the extra time saving money. Oh and emulators if you're into that, they're cool.
  13. I think it's stupid mostly, but some mice are made specifically for certain grips iirc
  14. my performance issues with my Intel HD Graphics have just suddenly gone, what the fuck? Reseating the DVI cable seemed to improve performance and stop flickering, because that's obviously a thing with a digital output..............



    1. NeatSquidYT


      nevermind they're still there fml

  15. they are quite handy for general web browsing/portable consumption of media even though i dont use them myself
  16. I saw some of Food Wars but still need to finish it so yeah imma catch up on that I've seen Kimi no Na Wa and love it I didn't like Boku no Hero Acadamia from what i've seen, not my thing and the others i just havent heard of, so thanks! Here's my MAL btw https://myanimelist.net/animelist/MJGHD
  17. It would sure be a fun test and I encourage you to try it if you desire, but my concerns would be security and a lack of an API (afaik) without you having to create it yourself
  18. With a standard blog, you'd just simply search the item in the database and get all the information like that. With XML you could have a similar thing, but it would be more difficult to add to and remove stuff from because I doubt there'd be as good of an API. Why do you want to use XML?
  19. I think the standard is using a MySQL database, having different XML files for it all would be confusing and inefficient if you got it working
  20. I really need to get back into anime - I only realised that after I fully rewatched K-On! a few weeks back. Have there been any standout shows from the past year or so? EDIT: Are you guys still doing the weekly anime thing? I might join you for that from now on.
  21. hmm my G3258 is stable at 4.5GHz at 1.2V.....

    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      good now keep increasing it

    2. NeatSquidYT


      I might try decreasing the voltage bit by bit, I'm more concerned about that than anything else

  22. why is Intel HD Graphics such a pain in the arse

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DrMacintosh


      @Silentprototipe I thought all the Vega 8 parts had 25W TDPs? 

    3. Silentprototipe


      @DrMacintosh Actually no :P. Its configurable from 9W to 25W. I happen to have a 15W chip with a 25W boost mode :P




    4. DrMacintosh


      Ahh, maybe the next gen MacBook Pros will use Vega 8? That would be awesome. Though we would lose our FinalCut Pro editing prowess...hmm, that's a tough trade off. 

  23. Long time no see, everyone! I recently put together a TV PC which is running just on the wood of my TV stand (not elegant but it works), and i haven't gotten the fans that I'm going to put on a broken graphics card my friend is going to give to me yet, so I'm running it off Intel HD Graphics, which i thought would be fine for basic games. However, when I install the latest drivers off the Intel website, whenever the framerate isn't locked on the games I've tried so far (GTA III, SA and COD4) I get fucking crazy graphical glitches, even though the games themselves are running fine (90-110 FPS at 720P on COD4). The menus have these crazy glitches too. So the natural solution would be to install older drivers, which i did. I resorted to my motherboard's support page and downloaded the drivers off there after uninstalling the old ones with DDU first. They work, and the problem is gone, great! But no, the performance on these drivers is pretty grim, with the framerate on COD4 being all over the place and maxing out at 60FPS, but with the framerate's unreliability it's unplayable. GTA SA has pretty dire performance too considering the age. I can't launch the Intel Control Panel off these drivers either for some crazy reason, the process kills itself as soon as it's launched. Has anyone else experienced this? How would I go about fixing it? Specs of the PC: Pentium G3258 OC'd to 4.3GHz at 1.2V VCore (ran AIDA64 overnight, it was stable) MSI H81M-P33 2x4GB Samsung RAM sticks that i got for pretty cheap, passed memtest perfectly fine, running at 1400MHz due to lack of XMP support (1333MHz has the same issue so it's not that) Corsair CX600M (what i had laying around) I'm using the DVI output of the motherboard with a DVI to HDMI adapter if that makes any difference for some reason. Thanks!