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  1. I became aware of linustechtips 3 or 4 years ago when I was really starting to get interested in computers and new technology so I looked up random stuff on the internet and also on youtube. I was reading a lot and also watching a lot of videos over the weeks and at some point I realized that I had seen this dude (Linus) before and I had also seen the location (those videos were mostly filmed at NCIX). Then he also started streaming from his home on a weekly basis. At this time I thought it was going on for a long time already but not that long ago I realized that I have seen all of the Live Streams and that the first one I was watching was indeed the first live stream ever! I think I have also seen most of your videos. I really like the content and I hope you are going to put up videos like this for a long time in the future. So congrats to 1 Mio. Subscribers!
  2. To make it look more realistic, you could also randomize the sleep-time in between characters: import timefrom random import randomtext = list("I have been waiting for you")std_slp = 0.2for char in text: print(char, end="") var = random() time.sleep(std_slp*var)This is in Python 3.3 as I don't know 2.7 so you would have to translate that.
  3. I would be interested. Great build btw
  4. Very good argument. Also Carpe Diem... So maybe I also get one some time in the future :) EDIT: Quote
  5. Thats kinda funny cause I live in Germany and the thumbstub is the reason why you're not allowed to carry the knife here (and also 95% of all other knifes). I EDC a Pohl Force Bravo one instead... Thats what I thought :) (I gotta admit I had an eye on the STH10 also but shipping costs held me back so far)
  6. Hey alpenwasser. I just have to mention the Chris Reeve Umnumzaan in your first picture. Knifes and computers is a rare combination but I'm into those two things as well. Also your build is kinda awesome so I'm really looking forward to the finished product !!!!
  7. I gotta say: I really like your style. I have a haf-x case myself and I'm thinking about getting a 780 for my pc. Do u have any issues with coil whine so far?
  8. fuking awesome. just came from the livestream... just told me to come here...
  9. Great Youtube-Channel, great Forum, ty Linus and Crew for the good work. I really enjoy watching your videos.