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    Gaming, Photography, Retouching


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    Intel i7 930 OC 3.8GHz
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    EVGA X58
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    2GB G.Skill Sniper x 3 @ 1600Mhz
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    ASUS GTX660
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    Raven 01
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    60GB Corsair Force GT SSD
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    Corsair 570W
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    Samsung 22"
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    Logitech G400
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    Logitech G35
  1. Anyone knows behind the scene process? Let's say WHO donate 100mil USD to Ethiopia. Of course they don't deliver 100mil notes right?
  2. So I want to add my system proxy address to a software. My proxy settings (in Windows 10) show as socks:X.X.X.X:XXXX (is it safe to type the actual address? idk) In the program there is just a text box as 'Use Proxy' : [______] . Can you please explain how to add the correct link in here? I tried X.X.X.X:XXXX and socks:X.X.X.X:XXXX But didn't worked.
  3. It has an option called 'Use Proxy' and let the user to type an ip. But it never works for me. Firefox and some others have an option as 'use system proxy' and it works. Is there a command or something to force system proxy for the Epic Launcher?
  4. Folder owned by my client. And I'm uploading videos to it.This never happened before. But now my storage showing as 14.5GB and there aren't any files in my Drive. Also can't upload anything. Is this a bug?
  5. Thank You. Is there a Windows version? I only see instructions for Linux and Mac. Yeah. But I don't feel too bad cuz it's a paid site and with the internet issues these days, buffering to so slow.
  6. So I registered with this site and it is using Vimeo to share there videos. (Unfortunately, I can't find the video link. Even the page code is saying 'link is protected or something'. I tried like 10 softwares and extenstions. But they all only grab like 200kb parts. (thousands of them) Is there a way to download without screen capturing?
  7. Thank You. Sentence was just an example.
  8. Example : I want to say 'It should be for stock on Friday'. But my gut tells me 'For stock on..' isn't correct. So I want to search the exact phrase or the closest matching one on the internet. (blog posts, forums, social media,....) Is there a special search engine or like Google search parameters for this? When I Google , most of the time, it shows a YouTube video or something trending contain couple of words from my sentence.
  9. I thought the same. But considering how many YouTubers do the same style and since there aren't any plugin or at least an AE template available, I'm guessing it's an another software like Systhesia or Midi Keyz or at least a custom mod.
  10. I know basic software showing keys in a virtual keyboard. But need a cool software like this.