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    Gaming, Photography, Retouching


  • CPU
    Intel i7 930 OC 3.8GHz
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    EVGA X58
  • RAM
    2GB G.Skill Sniper x 3 @ 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX660
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    Raven 01
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    60GB Corsair Force GT SSD
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    Corsair 570W
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    Samsung 22"
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    Logitech G400
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    Logitech G35
  1. Windows RDC is not smooth and sometimes fail to connect, also use much more data compared to something like Anydesk. Thtswhy I'm looking another software. This one is $8. Yh. Usually $10 servers comes with 20,30GB Disk space. But this one is 100GB. (that's a must for me. ) rented server.
  2. I bought without admin access because it's cheaper and enough for my needs. (So no new software installation.) . Mentioned Google's remote desktop software looks an option for me since the server already has Chrome installed.
  3. The problem is I don't have the admin access to the server and only have RDP login details. Thanks.
  4. Hi, are there any alternatives to Windows RDC, which don't need to install special software in the client server via RDP.
  5. Hi, Yesterday I downloaded 20H2 update and when it is installing we had a power failure. Now Windows not showing any available updates / can't download. Any solution to this?
  6. What I'm doing is light video editing and gaming at 60. My options are 10400/F, 3500X and 3600. Can you help me to choose? Also can't spend anything above $150 for the board.
  7. Power On Time and Total Start Count.
  8. Somewhat low voice, clean tone. May be funny. Like Louis Rossmann, Eli, Neil Tyson. (except celebrities / gossip / talk show format)
  9. It's so annoying some psychos (especially when you are acting as mods) dig into my (personal ) posts on some communities and threat through chat.
  10. After I converted between formats (265 to 264) 360 video is converted into a normal video. But all the data is there. Mean if you are watching as a stitched video they are almost identical. (even the res/bitrate) But 360 video players don't recognize as a 360video. don't have the original video. Is there a way to force it to a 360 video? (Exporting as a VR video in Premiere did nothing.) Thank You.
  11. Can someone helps to diagnose the problem. It worked perfectly fine with over 85% health and suddenly Windows crashed. Now HDD isn't working. Not even showing in Disk Mgmt/bios. But when plugged PC takes about 1 minute more to boot. (to pass the bios screen) There is a slight vibration but no sound. Is this a mechanical problem or a PCB issue? It's a WD purple 3TB.
  12. Hi, I've set my Download and Document folder locations to a different drive. But my HDD suddenly damaged. Can someone tell me how to change the locations to a different path now? These folders aren't shown in User/ directory and I can't right click their icons in the explorer. (this is a known bug from the day I installed Win 10. Nothing to do with the HDD failure)