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    Gaming, Photography, Retouching


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    Intel i7 930 OC 3.8GHz
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    EVGA X58
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    2GB G.Skill Sniper x 3 @ 1600Mhz
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    ASUS GTX660
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    Raven 01
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    60GB Corsair Force GT SSD
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    Corsair 570W
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    Samsung 22"
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    Logitech G400
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    Logitech G35
  1. Hi, thanks. Found a program called Advance Renamer. Takes 3 steps, but I guess that'll be the easiest method in Windows.
  2. Hi, can someone helps me to find an easy renaming tool for Windows. I only want to replace the extension of all files inside a folder (ex. from .txt to .doc) and rename it like sample1, sample2, sample3, etc. I found some tools, but the UI looks from Win XP and it's not a one click solution.,
  3. Can I automate following. When I dragged an image to the timeline , keyframe position > forward 2 minutes > change Y value > render 1080p mp4. Also if possible then I want to set a new comp say 1080x1080 and import the previous sequence and render it.
  4. I have to format and repartition my client's hard disk. But one partition is encrypted. Is there a way to backup with without having the password?
  5. Tried all 3, but no luck mate.But thank you for the info.
  6. Thanks.Checked under USB settings. But no luck. Need to disable it to install Windows. This stupid laptop doesn't have any 2.0 ports.
  7. Tutorial shows go to Advanced - Advance. (I think this is for desktop boards) But there isn't any menu called Advance in the Advanced main menu (in the laptop.).
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Seems like reuploading is the only solution.
  9. That's the problem. The music is from YouTube library and the entire video is a screen recording. And there are no timestamp / reason for the strike.
  10. Hi, 7 years ago I did a tutorial video about installing a Photoshop extension. And yesterday I received a 'Copyright claim — Pending takedown ' . And here are all the details. Pending removal - This video contains copyrighted material and will be removed from YouTube Copyright owner's policy - Tracked in some territories Copyright owners - jRysKgDehZU8bqLwf45vXg When I click 'Select Action' , there are no options like 'Dispute' . I don't earn from my videos. But really want to f them, if this is a case where some morons trying to takedown small YouTube ch
  11. No. Can do in media players like WinAmp. But unfortunately I also need to listen YouTube etc.
  12. Yh. Normal speaker out works fine. (green one. ) But I need to force another stereo out through one of the surround speaker outs.
  13. I know there are plugins for some players. But is there a software or something to do that for the main speaker out? (Speaker fill doesn't work for me. It only plays surround parts.)
  14. HDMI works. Not ideal when gaming right? Unfortunately my GPU has only 1 HDMI and my monitor is also only support HDMI. Any solution? Will DP to HDMI adapter pass surround sound without any issues?