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  1. The geforce experience overlay (alt+z) only works on the first windows user to logon, for the second user it will not work, if I enter geforce experience and click the share button it will give an error "cannot open share". I went to task scheduler and modified all nvidia tasks to run only on my account, I thought this could solve the problem but it didn't. Any ideas? This is very annoying, because I'm the only one who uses geforce experience and i have to be the first to logon every day, if not, I'm forced to restart the computer to use the overlay.
  2. Yes, CPU Tweak shows in-game fps, temps and more. I don't know of any linux versions, why do you use linux?
  3. Everytime I tried the evga's software it had crashes, even at the desktop.
  4. Can someone show me a video (phone is good idea) of Afterburner's activity on task manager when running in the background on idle? I would like to compare its cpu usage to GPU Tweak, but I don't want to install Afterburner just for that.
  5. But that makes sense, the 58U is the better model, what about the cpu, isn't it weird?
  6. https://www.asus.com/Networking/RT-AX56U/specifications/ https://www.asus.com/Networking/RT-AX58U/specifications/ I find it weird that the cheaper inferior model (56U) has a quad-core processor, while the better 58U has tri-core. Is this the case or am I missing something, different architectures?
  7. It's the windowed panel, otherwise I wouldn't want RGB. The limit is 157mm. Without RGB I like the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Red, but it's exactly 157mm, so idk... I really like that DeepCool Gammaxx GTE, but it's 157,4mm.
  8. Yeah I know they aren't great for OC, but so isn't the 2600x without going beyond 1.40v anyway. The performance increase isn't that much... I'm looking at those coolers as an easy replacement with RGB and more silent. I know the cases have a hole behind the motherboard, I've done it several times in the past, but I just don't have the patience anymore The PC is the first one on my signature.
  9. Thanks. I found a video review of Juno Pro, the box shows that the mounting ring is for the Intel sockets, for AMD is just like the Wraith coolers.
  10. @Fasauceome @minibois Do you know the answer?
  11. Thanks. -Raijintek Juno Pro; -Cryorig C7 RGB; Do any of this coolers install easily straight away on AM4 without the need to mess with adaptors/backplate, just like a stock cooler?
  12. Coldplate, I'm talking about the area of the cooler that goes in contact with the cpu, where goes the thermal paste... the PRISM seems to have a larger surface. I know they're compatible, I'm just wondering if it will look too big. Is the 3900X larger than the 2600X?
  13. I'm loooking at the Wraith PRISM, he seems to have a larger cpu area compared to the SPIRE, is that the case? Will it be too big when installed on a 2600X?
  14. There aren't any setings related to the timing of the downloads... everything seems right. I've cleared the PlayStore cache, didn't help...