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  1. Will try, will it always find fault?
  2. Is there anything i should know before removing ram sticks?
  3. Hey guys, Wondering if any of you know the best way to check for a faulty ram stick.. My computers been freezing constantly and its coming up with an I/O error on the addresses. Im pretty sure its a dodgy ram stick but anyhow if you can tell me how to test them that would be great! Thanks guys
  4. Hi, recently windows 7 has been crashing, it freezes and then the toolbar disappears just leaving the background and intel turbo boost gauge. It has white screened a couple of times recently too. So when i switch it off and reboot it does a crash dump.. then nothing at all. when i reboot again it goes into windows and works fine for 10 minutes or even an hour. I had a feeling it might be a faulty ram stick and last time it crashed an error message came up saying that an address line failed in i/O and in the memory. ( i should have wrote down the exact wording) But i was watching a dvd at the time and it seems that it failed to send an instruction from the optical drive to the ram (thats how it came across) I cant double click my optical e: drive it says i dont have permission to open it. But I can open folder to view files etc wierd..........
  5. im still using avast but have AVG installed again and disabled, all is working and my disk space is back!! thanks for your help, you've earned yourself a best answer sir!
  6. I think you could be right, the problem is that AVG is sending crash dumps and its losing me disk space every time, obviously ill have to keep AVG installed, should I delete Avast and use AVG from now on?
  7. Hi guys, Was gaming and noticed AVG update kept popping up, has been happening for some time but more recently. So as I use Avast anyway, I decided to end the AVG update in task manager, and uninstall it using control; panel. I think AVG may be impossible to uninstall as it seems to be part of windows. So anyway, I started watching ITV player today and my pc totally froze, all I had was sound, even ctrl alt del wouldn't work so I turned it off and rebooted (start windows normally). then I started gaming and it kept freezing for a second, and returning to windows. I checked Task manager and Noticed windows log in and AVG were flashing on and off, I think AVG was crashing. So I opened up my c drive to see that instead of 13 gbs I now only have 500mb and it keeps fluctuating! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. It does look like the bitfenix phenom I think, very similar at first glance
  9. Great to see slightly older cards still getting a good shout, it was only about 9 months ago everyone was saying how great the 78xx 79xx cards are and that we should buy them. So good choice and good luck!
  10. Imagine female gamers feel having to play as men all the time, tomb raider is not the only good game you know
  11. Hi, does anyone know the best settings for a 1920x1200 monitor? The game only seems to support 4:3 and 16:9... I know there is an option to turn letterboxing off which is fine but the image seems a little stretched- any other way I can get a 16:10 output?
  12. Gtx 480, 105 degrees....
  13. This is crazy........low settings??? Dude you may aswell get a console or play on your mobile
  14. Your very impolite, what is wrong with me? Yeah... you know what why dont you grow up instead of being a smartass sat behind a keyboard...
  15. You know what forget it guys this forum is just full of rude sarcastic know it alls, I will seek real help somewhere else....