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  1. Yes, it is possible with most routers. You could just create an additional WiFi service set with a different, or no password. Some higher-end routers can also isolate the traffic between these two networks and prevent guests from communicating with other devices on your network.
  2. I'll just do layer 3 then, thanks. The VPN software I use (SoftEther) has capabilities for both types of VPNs, but their tutorial made layer 3 routing sound more difficult.
  3. Hello. I'm building a site-to-site VPN between 2 LANs, and I have a question about how would DHCP work on such a network. I will have 2 DHCP servers on the VPN and I want devices on one network to get an IP address from a DHCP server on the same physical LAN and use the router on the same LAN to connect to the Internet, and not the one on the other LAN. How would this work? Would a newly connected device get an IP from a local DHCP server? Would it even be able to contact a DHCP server on the other site? This is the main reason why I'm skeptical about layer 2 bridging. I need devices to use the local router to connect to the internet, not the one on the other site. I know I wouldn't have such problems with layer 3 routing, but that seems more difficult to set up with the VPN software I'm using.
  4. You can just get SP1 from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5842
  5. Why shouldn't it? I'm sure there are people who are having problems with your CPU and Windows 7, for example. Give it a try, see if it works. Usually it will go without problems, but if you encounter any, a clean reinstall will usually solve them.
  6. How about you just try rebooting your computer? The WinRE environment (the blue dialog screen with options to continue, troubleshoot or shut down) is sometimes loaded after an unexpected shutdown (did you unplug your PC without shutting down Windows?) or a failed startup. Just go back and select Continue. If all is good, your PC will boot into Windows 10 normally.
  7. Then there's me, who's been using a HTC One M8 with no case or screen protector whatsoever. Dropped it several times, only a few scratches on the back and a very small one on the screen that's barely visible.
  8. Depends on the publisher. Some allow free usage for YouTube, some require you to pay a fee.
  9. Buying a USB C cable wouldn't help, Lightning is limited to USB 2.0 speeds anyway. for data transfer speeds, I can tell you that there's really 2 main units. b/s (bits per second) and B/s (bytes per second). There are 8 bits in a byte, 8 kilobits in a kilobyte and so on. So, if your ISP advertises a download speed of 8 Mb/s (eight megabits per second), your browser or download client would, in ideal conditions, show 1 MB/s (one megabyte per second). You can use speedtest.net to get your connection speed in Mb/s, but real-world performance varies by program, bandwidth usage, latency and many other factors.
  10. You could add a library folder in Steam and just copy the game files from the steamapps folder. Steam, and games using it, are quite portable and don't really use files outside of their installation folders.
  11. According to the SteamVR performance test, no. My friend and I both have a GTX 970, but I have an i7 4790 and he has an FX-6300. We both got nearly the same result, so I assume that VR depends more on the GPU than the CPU. You should be fine with an i5.
  12. That sounds like a good April Fools prank actually. Just sending sticky notes in huge shipping boxes...
  13. Seems more like your cache hasn't built up yet...
  14. It doesn't work with every single NIC in existence, and the driver in Windows 7 isn't as good. You need to get a driver from the manufacturer for almost every NIC on Windows 7 and older.
  15. That's all up to you. You can save money by going for a traditional SATA drive, or you can get on the bleeding edge with M.2 and NVMe. The former will save you some money, the latter will give you the latest and greatest and reduce your boot time by a few seconds
  16. It's not wroth it to go M.2. You'll have to manually specify the location of a program to install every time, or edit the registry and risk screwing up your system Just install Windows on one of your Sandisks. Boot times don't really get much faster than 10 seconds anyway
  17. Hello, I'm going to be making some changes to my home server setup, and I was wondering if anybody knew of an alternative to the Remote Web Access site. Basically, a web app to access shared folders on the server that integrates with Active Directory or Windows user accounts. Should also feature some customisability, like the ability to increase the upload limit, and simple setup (it shoudln't require a domain to be purchased). Thanks.
  18. I'm on an SSD and it doesn't make that much of a difference.
  19. .....and? What's wrong with the Windows Store? Both EA and Ubisoft now distribute their titles thorugh their own platform, but when Microsoft does it, everybody loses their minds. It's a Windows 10 exclusive anyway. I get it, you like Steam because of its features, but I'm sure MS will sooner or later make something similar to the exisiting platforms, with a social network, in-game overlay and achievements.
  20. Check the language settings in Control Panel. Should be like this, except for the kb layout
  21. Could you please provide a screenshot of which settings are grayed out?