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  1. Is the performance from r3 1200 to a 3100signicant enough?
  2. Its a budget build money isnt really the problem i just want 1080p 60+ fos gaming setup that works inline with what an rx580 8gb can pump out, a few years ago i wanted to upgrade to a r5 2600. Maybe this is still a thing? So a rough estimate would be what 500$?
  3. Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Wow classic Other details : looking to refresh my build and giving my old pc to kids Only think imma swap over is my rx 580 8gb (Other pc is r3 1200 ill plug in an old 650ti in there) What i need is a definitive upgrade over my current setup, but in line with what an rx580 offers. Part picker from canada please. I also stream from time to time