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  1. Seeing Luke being referred to as Slick again brings back old memories, is there a reason for him not being referred to as Luke in this thread? Also a Steam and or Discord group would be nice, especially considering the gamer-centric nature of the channel, especially as of late.
  2. If you are looking for a more technical and serious YouTube channel try Level1Techs, I enjoy new LTT but I do think sometimes the editing gets a bit over the top. However, to stay profitable and earn enough money to live and grow a business you have to make changes. LTT has changed and if you really don't enjoy it then don't watch it, its the only way for them to truly know if the changes they are making are for the better.
  3. I'm not saying that I don't see where everyone is coming from, it'll just be dependent upon if LTT decides that having a higher end PC and entering this breaks the rules or not, the one thing I really don't want to see is someone who has the money to buy a higher end computer end up winning this when there are others who made very interesting videos who didn't win. We'll find out when they actually decide upon the winners though.
  4. It isn't really cheating if they don't break any rules within the contest and one of the judging categories is "Story" so I suspect that they actually want this kind of video made, where its not about the person's actual main rig but about how unique of a video they can make. But I'm not Linus so I can't say for certain who and what he wants out of this contest. I can say for certain though I haven't seen any rules broken by anyone who did this kind of thing so I don't really blame them for doing it. Ultimately Linus (and whoever on the LTT staff that is judging) can decide who they really want to select as the winners.
  5. #ROGRigReboot Just dropping this in here... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B96GkXO1hO6PVm9fbTN2cEhra0E
  6. I love Kuhlur H20 1250, have been wanting to get into water cooling.
  7. Linus always finds a way to make every tech video interesting and unique, congratulations on 1 million subs.
  8. Love how thin yet solidly built it looks, I've had way too many broken laptops to ever buy one that isn't made of metal again. Favorite thing about that model of laptop is definitely the overall build quality, but my favorite thing about that one is definitely those signatures.
  9. My favorite part of the LG G3 is the functionality they put into it; the buttons on the back resulting in easier use, the removable back so the battery can be replaced, and their custom skin having that many customization features.