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  1. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    tru tru, but waterloo is cool.
  2. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    Hi I am doing a marketing project on a local beer/wine store and I need some information from a survey from people who are of drinking age. Its 5 yes/no questions and an age range question. If you guys could give some of your input it'll be great. Here's the google survey link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRDT5ROYbBQmj4iz5eJc-TM1pXWeB2TmHgwCKtI-qNmvPzrw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  3. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    Shots fired (its in Hamilton tho, going to school at McMster)
  4. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    That helps, i'm gonna change the survey to say less than 23. That way you can fill it out. Thanks.
  5. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    Thanks for the input don't know why I didn't initially make it like that, I'll make some changes that reflect that.
  6. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    That's what we wanted to know pretty much lol, not many people know about this kind of store.
  7. gazabi

    Beer Related Survey

    This is more of an industry wide thing, a you-brew is a type of store not the specific store. We just want some primary data on the industry, plus it's not well known so there aren;t many statistics out there. Thanks for your concern tho.
  8. gazabi

    I accidentally threw away thermal pads

    The card will work, as said above it may throttle. But those components you circled are the VRMs and they tend to get hot, and usually have some sort of cooling, not cooling them properly may have a negative effect on the lifespan of the card.
  9. gazabi

    Whoosh - The Airplane and Airline Thread

    I always thought the B1 Lancer was a beautiful plane. The 4 engines tucked underneath the wings close to the fuselage plus the variable sweep engines make it look so cool.
  10. gazabi

    GTX 580 cooler maintenance?

    I guess it could be the thermal compound, its been 7 years so it might have dried up and cant contact the heat spreader properly.
  11. gazabi

    GTX 580 cooler maintenance?

    I would check for dust first since that is probably tho most common issue. See if there is any dust clogging the fins. If there is you can try some compressed air to blow it away.
  12. gazabi

    Build isnt POSTing

    Is the board used, and did the LEDs on the RAM light up?
  13. I recently tried playing Wolfenstein: New Order after about 2 months and noticed that it was very unresponsive: laggy mouse movements, super low frame rates, overall very slow. I played on high settings before with around 40 FPS but now its unplayable, only when I put it in windowed mode do I get the appropriate frame rate. I have a MSI ge62 with a 5700hq, 960m, and 16gb of RAM. I tried rolling back to the nvidia driver from 2 months ago but that still didn't fix it. Also, my GPU utilization in full screen is not that high compared to windowed.
  14. gazabi

    Rig refuses to boot unless F8 is mashed.

    Were there any POST beeps when booting up, that could help indicate the problem. Also, can you check if the CMOS battery is dead, sometimes its an issue.
  15. gazabi

    HP Z220 SFF D9L32PA Hardware Upgrade Consulting

    Your options are pretty limited since you'll have to use a half height GPU and if the datasheet from HP is correct, you have a 240W PSU. This is probably the most you can get, https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137079, in your case. This datasheet has more info if your interested. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04205252
  16. Sorry for replying so late, the most recent version is 17.10 and did you manage to install it yet?
  17. Has the AMD powerplan made any difference?
  18. Did you update the ryzen chipste drivers from AMD, one of them had a windows power plan specfically for AMD ryzen processors. The ryzen 1600 I used dropped temps around 10 degrees I think.
  19. You just need to be connected to the same network (i.e. the same router), it doesn't matter if its through ethernet or through wifi.
  20. gazabi

    Spotify + STR-DN1040, No Connection

    According to STR-DN1040 owners thread, that receiver doesn't support spotify and some reviews for the receiver say the same. Someone did manage to get it working on the owners club forum using an IOS device and used it as a bridge for their android. Owners club link: https://www.avforums.com/threads/sony-str-dn1040-owners-thread.1799327/page-23
  21. Ya, the board has the z68 chipset which will allow for overclocking of the 2500k.
  22. gazabi

    Help!! recover formatted drive

    Data recovery is possible as long as you didn't write anything on the formatted drive. This freeware allows you to recover data from formatted drives: http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/recover-formatted-partition.htm
  23. gazabi

    Can I mixmatch RAM?

    Latency is a set of 3 numbers like 9-9-24. This has to match. Voltage is in volts, for example 1.5 V is common, This also has to match. Frequency should be matched. They both have to be DDR4.
  24. gazabi

    Can I mixmatch RAM?

    The voltages and the Latencies have to match. Ya thats the frequncy.
  25. gazabi

    Can I mixmatch RAM?

    It would say in the specifications, CAS latency is a set of 3 numbers, 9-9-24 is a CAS latency. And voltage ot would say, 1.5V is pretty common. Just check the spec sheets for the RAM.