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    Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea
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    Optics. Drawing Ray diagrams and using Snell's Law ALL DAY
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    Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2 GHz
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    MSI B450M Bazooka MAX
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    16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16
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    ASUS DUAL RX5700 w/5700XT BIOS @ 1905 MHz
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    Corsair SPEC-DELTA RGB
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    Gigabyte 650B 650W 80+ Bronze
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    24" 1080p @ 75hz
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    4x120mm, Wraith Spire
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    Cheap Chinese thing
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    Cheap Chinese thing
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    Cheap Chinese thing
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    Windows 10 x64
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    Canon SL2 (200D), 50mm 1:1.8 II, Sigma 18-250mm 1:3.5-6.3
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  1. It's a two-year old Acer Nitro 5; I thought that may be it, however same thing happened a few days ago and I managed to fix it, now it broke again.
  2. Hiya, I have a laptop with a GTX 1050 in it. This is the third time in the past few months that the GPU has randomly killed itself and disappeared from task manager and stopped being of any use, reporting Code 43 in device manager and saying it has been disabled because it caused an error. Can't figure out why it keeps doing this for seemingly no reason. The first time, I fixed it by resetting the entire PC (which sucked, of course), the second I DDU'd it and restarted and it fixed it, now even that isn't working. This is the second time it's happened in less than a week.
  3. Hey guys, I'm considering getting PrimoCache for a 2TB 7200RM Seagate Hard Drive I'm going to get for games, particularly FS2020. Unfortunately, my beefy GPU covers both PCIe slots, so I won't be able to install a PCIe to M.2 expansion card and use a 256GB NVMe SSD for my cache. My question is, how much is the performance loss from an NVMe SSD to a SATA SSD for such a task? I could use some of my 1TB NVMe Windows Drive for my cache, but since it's almost full I really would rather avoid this. Thanks for the help!
  4. Any fixes? I have a RX5700XT and can't get it to work. Every other game works fine tho.
  5. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I should have updated my BIOS anyways, but after doing so it appears as though it hasn't solved the problem. The CPU temps shoot up like a rocket and the CPU fan stays at around 1930 RPM. Could you link the threads where people were having similar issues? You've been a great help, I appreciate it!!
  6. I tried setting it to a lower mark and it looks like it just gets stuck at 1917 as you said. Confirmed in the BIOS that if it goes over 80 C the fan will spin at 100%. Did a stress test and the fan stayed at 1917 RPM without spinning up, even as the CPU reached 95 C.
  7. Yeah, the cooler is plugged into CPU_FAN 1. I confirmed in hardware monitor that it is indeed maxing out at only 1917 RPM. I'll check the BIOS to make sure, but I'm pretty sure it's set to ramp up to 100%.
  8. yeah it is, I adjusted the fan curve in BIOS to go to 100% at a certain temp but when it reaches that threshold, the MSI dragon center app that I use to monitor the fan speed only reads as 1917 RPM.
  9. Hey y'all, So I recently got a ryzen 5 3600, and when the cooler is under 100% usage it only reads as ~1917 RPM. Can the fan go faster, and if so, how can I allow it to reach maximum RPM (I don't care about noise, the GPU fans drown it out anyways). Thanks!
  10. anyone who needs it, I used this BIOS https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/222186/asus-rx5700xt-8192-200116-1. Works fine, just make sure you get the right drivers after!
  11. I just installed an ASUS Radeon RX5700 DUAL EVO Graphics Card in my rig. I was looking to flash the 5700xt BIOS onto it, but couldn't find the BIOS for the identical card online. Does anyone know where I could find the BIOS and if it is worth the risk for the extra 10% performance? Thanks! Also, I thought this card came with a dual BIOS, but can't find the switch anywhere on the card. If anyone could confirm whether or not this card has that it would be much appreciated!
  12. I'm looking to grab a ryzen 5 3600 in the next couple weeks, and I'm wondering how much the price is gonna drop once the 3600xt's hit the market. Right now during COVID prices are kinda inconsistent and shopRBC has the 3600 on sale for $255, which I know isn't a great price, but nowadays it isn't terrible. Is it worth it to wait a few more weeks for the new cpu's to bring prices down, or will it not make that much of a difference, especially because it's more geared toward the 3600x instead?
  13. It's a quad core, but its a few generations back so yeah, that makes sense. I gotta upgrade soon lol
  14. Hi, I've been playing GTAV for a while and it's been running fine on my laptop. However after I installed LSPDFR the fps averages around 35 and I have texture loss/slow texture loading after a while of playing. I checked task manager and my CPU is staying pinned to 100% all the time and my GPU is idling at less than 5% all the time. I made sure the GPU was detected in settings, and I looked at some previous threads that said GTAV usually doesn't use that much of the GPU. However, none of the threads I saw had GPU usage even close to as low as mine. I have a 2 year-old A
  15. Hello, A while ago I decided to try and install a custom ROM onto my samsung galaxy grand prime (SM-G530W). Unfortunately, after I had installed TWRP, the touch screen wouldnt work and I would end up not being able to unlock the phone and choose to either keep it read-only or root it. This means I can't access the TWRP menu to actually reset the phone manually. I tried some fixes online but nothing worked. Anyways, now I just want to reset it and reinstall normal android to use it as a secondary phone. However, once I put it into download mode I can't figure out how to actually res