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    R7 3800X
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    Asus x570 Prime Pro
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengance Pro RGB DDR4 32gb 3200mhz
  • GPU
    Asus RX 5700XT Ref.
  • Case
    Corsiar Carbide 275R
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    1tb SX8200pro NVME m.2, 2x 500gb Team group GX2 sata ssds, WD Blue 4tb hdd, Toshiba? 750gb hdd
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    Corsair RMX750
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    lg 32gk850f-b
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    Stock AMD wraith prism, 3x noctua p12, 3x rgb 120mm fractal designs
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    Aorsu K7with reds
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    Mionix Castor RGB
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    AKG K553, Sennheiser PC37X, Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee with FX-AUDIO DACX6
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    Win 10
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    MSI GE62-2QD

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  1. You are fine, that card will work with that motherboard. I think you were reading the m.2 pcie specification which is something else. It says in the description that the board has a pcie 3.0 x16 slot so it will work with the GPU.
  2. No problem, that is probably the safest and best option you have right now. Good luck.
  3. Ok, then it probably is your gpu then, But I am still not sure if any of your other components may have been affected. If you have the budget, I would see if you could pick up a super cheap gpu like a gt 710 for around 50 to see if the computer still starts normally and the problem is isolated to the gpu.
  4. The gpu should have a 1 year warranty from point of purchase if you still have the receipt and evga is one of the nicer manufacturers when it comes to warranties. Also, what psu do you have, does it have multiple pcie power cables that you could possibly test on just in case the psu's pcie cables got fried.
  5. Did you unplug the pc and hold for at least 10 sec. If that didn't work it looks like something is probably fried, probably the gpu since the fans never spun up. Do you still have waranty?. Also did you use extensions on all of the power cables including the motherboard or just the gpu. Im asking just in case the motherboard got messed up too.
  6. There is an older post of someone also asking the same thing Im not sure if your panel is also the same, but you can probably check this link out.
  7. No it just puts it to its default state, like the default boot order and default ram profile, etc. It doesn't downgrade the version.
  8. I dont see any issues with those cables and Im assuming the issue happened the first time you used the extension cables? Can you test the gpu out in another system? Also, you can try resetting the bios, sometimes that could fix potential issues. You have to short a jumper on the motherboard, its on page 37 of the manual I sent, you can use any metal object (knife, screwdriver,etc) to connect the 2 pins together, dont bend them just touch both at the same time with the metal object.
  9. Can you link the cables that you used? Ok most gpus usually just spin up the fans for a second and turn off on boot, im not sure if it is the same in your case. Do you remember if the fans spun up on start before the issues happened. Did you try all of the ports on the gpu, im just checking all bases just in case one or two of the ports got messed up some how.
  10. No problem! These were the threads: https://community.amd.com/thread/253507
  11. It seems like it probably is a gpu issue. Couple of questions: 1.The power cable extensions were they complete replacements for the old cables or actual extensions that attached to the old cable 2. Do the fans spin up on the gpu
  12. So your monitor turns off or just displays a black screen. Could the monitor be at fault?
  13. Its on the right of the board above the 24 pin Page 38 has the reference for your board https://download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/mb/E7C02v1.3.pdf
  14. Can you see if the debug leds on the board are indicating anything, if it was able to post correctly they should cycle through all of them and turn off . If not, an led for one of the components may stay on indicating an issue.
  15. Other people seem to be having a similar issue to you with the fan maxing at around 1900rpm. It could be that the newer wraith stealth maxes out at that rpm and the original maxes out at 2700rpm or there may be a bios reporting error. Do you have the latest bios for your board?