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  1. if AMD worked with some game devs of major companies (rockstar, EA *pukes*,Bethesda you get the point) to make games multi-threaded...that would be a huge leap for them but i don't see that happening the only way they could possibly top intel because their cores are so weak
  2. well the H440 is made for silence not airflow so..i mean there is that
  3. amd cards run really hot for gaming(nothing against amd great for price to performance just my room is small and heats up quite easily after and hour or two of gaming) i personally would switch and go with a 750ti for running league i don't play the game but i setup that card for my brother as an E-Gpu for his laptop and it runs excellent. or if you want more horse power than a 750Ti go with a 960
  4. Standardized tests try an AP psychology exam...100 questions 70 minutes and then for part 2 50 minutes, 2 five paragraph essays. Took it yesterday hardest test I've ever taken, but the FCAT ( florida. Something something something) is a breeze good thing I graduate this year
  5. all of the freaking hardware but that stress, linus is going to have grey hair by time he is 35-43
  6. But then they just turn out extremely spoiled and expect everything handed to them later in life as well and probably lazy too
  7. no no not that stupid dress don't even plz
  8. when your physics teacher expects no one to know the isotopes of hydrogen but manage to say them both before he moves on with the lecture... deuterium and tritium
  9. tried the link still broken for me at least liking the corsair ones a lot
  10. well guys let me do some explaining first, i currently have turtle beaches x12s(back when i thought they were good rofl) and i've had them for about 2 years, but now one driver has failed entirely ( left side R.I.P) and the other one is going fast. i am audio ignorant i have little knowledge in the subject but what i have picked up on is enough to get me by. All that aside what pair of open ear headset preferable with a mic included would you guys/girls recommend? P.s $75 max
  11. anyone think they will change their stock cooler design?
  12. let this thread be revived! so i have an idea...its a little ambiguous but i think i may paint one of my windforce r9 290's with a nice green color(if it turns out well then ill do the other) however it seems like gigabyte doesn't want you to take off the metal frame because they tucked away the screws really well(was hoping someone else had done it on YT) and then i thought well maybe i could so a small paint brush and really take my time with it, does anyone suggest against this of like why not to do this, or should i just take the whole thing apart and spray paint it??( trying to avoid taking it apart this because then i'd have to get some thermal paste although its only a few bucks)
  13. what games are you playing? are you recording video while playing for YT or streaming? the only logical reason for upgrading the cpu that i can actually think of is if you need the hyper threading
  14. similar yes the only place i'm missing an air filter is on the bottom front of my case, where i don't have fans:(
  15. so i would like to mod something, but i'm not sure what something simple right now and work up to bigger better things later(in a few months). So what is a kinda simple mods can one do if even anything? just throw some ideas out kinda leaning toward a case mod though after watching some videos on youtube, so hit me with some ideas plz??
  16. i am not alone... :lol: im not the only insane person
  17. does anyone ever wonder what the LTT electric bill is with all of the computers turned on in whatever building their in?? i mean what five people each with 750W psu surely that amounts to something not necessarily looking for an answer but like am i the only strange one here who wonder that??? p.s ITS OVER $9000!!!!
  18. i'll enter this too, congrats on 500 posts there buddy
  19. because i paid for my computer with the stock market, junkyards have many interesting things there like transformers from microwaves...which can be turned into a spot welder and i'm obsessed with chemistry, not so much the lottery more of a waste of money
  20. but its not just any age....i'm 18 today so many things to do.....stock market,junkyards, lottery, buy dry ice/liquid nitrogen...can anyone else think of things you can do when your 18?
  21. max settings my butt...ive been waiting on this game to come to pc for a long time...at least its coming soon
  22. Hello all, so back in 2009 one of my moms co workers got us into WOW but our computer couldn't handle it so he built a $600 dollar system with an 8800gts, 8GB of ddr2 ,and some AMD processor in it with the stock cooler and the case is some xion mid tower case which i found on the internet. it has a top mounted PSU with what seem to be 60mm fans but the question is 1. could i possibly mod this case a little(when i say little i mean alot actually) to fit more modern components like an i5 maybe and like a 750Ti? P.S this computer is not for me it would be for my little brother who plays tons of games like LOL, killing floor, terria, minecraft, dont starve, simcity 2013....etc etc etc, and currently on a laptop which has an I3 processor and 8GB of ram and for the most part still turns down settings quite a bit and his birthday is upcoming
  23. good thing it got washed because i left in my jeans...who knows how many hands have touched this